Successful shooting Cannes' aerial shoot movie thanks to the seagull who stole the camera

A nice picture was taken in a city in southeastern France, Cannes where the world famous Cannes Film Festival will be held. This is because someone got a small video camera on a seagull, but since the camera was in the recording state, it was said that when I collected it, I was able to take an aerial image. Because the flight distance was short, the picture is not so long, but it has become quite a dynamic picture.

Seagull 'steals' video camera and shoots footage of its flight over French Riviera | Mail Online

You can see the image from here.

YouTube - Seagull stole GoPro

A cameraman installed a video camera somewhere near the house.

A curious seagull approached.

The next moment, the seagull seems to jump up with a camera. It seems that the photographer did not think that he would take it away, and heard that the voice was roaring like "Hey! Wait !!".

Ignoring such a thing, the sea gull soaring in the sky.

I soon stopped nearby.

I do not know what he thinks about the camera, but I ended up lying down to crush.

The criminal is a guy.

After this, the cameraman climbed up the castle wall, discovered the camera, and collected this picture. By the way, the stolen camera can fix a powerful image by fixing it to the head when playing sports etc.GoProIt seems it was a camera called.

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