40 business card designs using QR code successfully

Most camera-equipped mobile phones correspond to the reading function, and there is a sense that "QR codeHowever, by using it for business cards, it will be possible to have our site and others easily accessed. Although it may be thought as "It is difficult to design in terms of designing a large area," even a small one can be read without problems, and conversely a large QR code itself is designed The way is also ant. Business cards that use the QR code well are both good in functionality and design.

QR Code Business Card Inspiration: 40 Great QR Code Business Cards | CreativeFan

1:New QR Code Business Card

The table is based on green with simple information, and on the back is QR code only.

2:23rd and 5th

Design QR code with red on the end of the back.

3:Bert Haymens QR Code Business Card

Place the QR code next to the character you deformed yourself.

Four:Ben Business Card

A small QR code at the corner of the back. Incidentally, the occupation is written as "Geek (otaku)", the table is "The Legend of ZeldaIt is a link of.

Five:Chocolate Graphics

There is a dog in the middle of the QR code.

6:QR Codes and Design Ideas

A business card like a character made up of letters speaking in a balloon.

7:Geng Gao

Business cards with four colors are simple but impressive.


I am designing the QR code itself.

9:Rodion Kovenkin QR Code Business Card

Appeal the QR code with a word on the back.

Ten:Casey Templeton QR Code Business Card

I brought a big QR code on the back of a square business card.

11:Michael Silber QR Business Card

It is the same method as before, but the impression is quite different.

12:QR Business Cards

Simple business card with only name, phone number, QR code.

13:QR Business Cards

It is fresh impression with light blue or purple.

14:Dekonstructiv Studio

Since it is only black and white, the QR code looks natural as well.

15:Christine Songco

QR code on white background. It seems that "Google" is written in the table.

16:Think Technica

A combination of yellow green and gray is a refreshing business card.

17:Tom Neal Film

According to the shape of the business card QR code also rounded corners.


QR code is ahead of "SCAN ME! (Loading)".

19:QR. Communicert

Place the blowing-style QR code on a clear business card.

20:Night Owl Craft Works QR Business Card

Hue like the middle between pink and purple and owls are pretty.

twenty one:QR Codes on Business Cards

Boldly appeal the QR code.

twenty two:Kayma

The QR code is arranged in a vertically long business card large.

twenty three:Commando Nerd Patches

I design logo and QR code on cloth.

twenty four:Drew Hornebin

Arrange the orange logo in the background.

twenty five:Junzi Funds

For business cards with only gray and black and white, QR code also adapts without discomfort.

26:Jared Earle QR Code Business Card

Simple with black and white on the reverse side only in the table.

27:Planet 10 Tech QR Code Business Card

A business card sticking to the placement of letters.


Orange is a business card with a vivid impression.

29:Letterpress QR Code Business Card

It is a business card of material like recycled paper.

30:Erik Wiegers QR Code Business Card

It is black and blends into a cool impression QR code.

31:Big in Japan

Design up to bar codesIt is being done.

32:Not Dan Wilkerson

The name is big and it is red, so it is impressive.

33:Photographer QR Code Business Cards

A business card that lets you know that a photographer is a shot.

34:Niteshade Labs

There is only a laboratory, the flask is designed as a QR code.

35:Personal QR Code Business Card

On the slender, yellow and black are impressive.

36:Wine Bottle Label Business Card

I treat a wine bottle label.

37:Philippe Creux QR Code Business Card

Only important parts are emphasizing letters.

38:Andy Piper Business Cards

Face photograph is large design on the table.

39:Stephanie Obodda QR Code Business Card

Impression that light blue is fresh on a white background.

40:Yup QR Code Business Card

A business card that becomes a solid.

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