Even the plastic bombs will not be destroyed The strongest commercial car ever "Maroder"

If you have an off-road car, there are not many people who have the desire to go to such places and places like this, but developed by the Paramount Group in South Africa"Maroder"It may be helpful for such a person. Maroder is probably the most robust car among the vehicles possessed by the private sector, and the window glass as thick as 9 cmRPG (Rocket Propulsion Grenade)It can also prevent attacks. In this way off-road, of course, even if it is a conflict area, it seems to be able to run.

Top Gear finds 'world's most unstoppable vehicle' | Mail Online

The bottom movie is British BBC"Top gear"Contents broadcasted in episode 1 of season 17 of September. I do various unreasonable things in the city of Johannesburg and I am experimenting with the performance of Maroder.

YouTube - Top Gear (2011) - Marauder

The left is "Parlor Mount group" Maroda ", right is General Motors who used a military car as a prototype"Hummer"is. Hummer is also quite famous as a sturdy commercial car, but Marauda is huge than it more than that. It is the top gear moderator Richard Hammond who makes such a report of Maroda.

First I will run the city of Johannesburg with Maroda as usual. At this moment there is a real atmosphere.

People who go along also look at Maroda with suspicious eyes.

The height of a car like a heavy-duty truck.

A window of 9 cm in thickness can not be opened and closed, it has become possible to open out the rounded part at the center and barely get out of hand.

Mararod entering the construction site.

Of course off-road is a fun thing.

Discovering the wall being demolished.

I will assault you immediately.

Maroder who breaks the wall.

People walking down the alley.

From the back of it suddenly Maroder broke through the wall and appeared.

Looking back on what has happened, Maroda is already running.

Marauda tied to a tow truck.

Moroder's engine is 290 hp. You can drag a tow truck.

Maroder appears in the cafe facing the parking lot of the shopping center.

I will step over the car that hinders the path. Just like a Maroda (looter) for the first time in a reasonable manner.

Mercilessly squash.

Marauda who is approaching two passenger cars. Incidentally, Maroder seems to have a total length of about 6.4 m, a height of 2.7 m and a total weight of 10 tons.

People who make noise.

Passenger car who got pucky.

Marauda will leave as if nothing had happened.

I will try McDonald 's drive - through with Maroda.

Order with automotive microphone.

The inside of the store shows the side of Marauda.

As much as the car is sturdy, do not go down with the pole overrun.

When you receive it, get it thrust from the opening of the window.

If you are a Maroda, safari park is safe even if a beast comes close.

It is okay if the lion gets on.

Even if it is tameless, it will be enough to break the wiper and damage it.

Next is the endurance test. First off from Hummer.

We will blow up with 7 pounds of plastic bombs.

The power that the parts are blown apart completely.

Hammer that was destroyed without survival.

By having a handle, you know that it was the place where the driver's seat was originally.

This time is Maroder.

An explosion of the same amount of plastic bombs.

It is slightly tilted, but it keeps its original shape firmly.

Apparently it seems that the ground was gouged and tilted with the bomb.

Anyway, I decided to drive in this state.

I am surprised just to get the engine running.

I roll up from the groove while rolling up the dust lump.

And it ran away.

Like thisThe market for armored vehicles is expected to be 25.1 billion dollars (about 2 trillion yen) in 2011That's right. By the way Marorder's price is about 300,000 GBP (about 38.6 million yen).Hammer H2's new car costs from 7 million yen to 10 million yenConsidering that, it seems like a reasonable place.

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