A membership club "Destructive Company" that can thoroughly destroy luxury goods such as cars and pianos by selecting favorite weapons

Some people may hit "things" to relieve stress, but there is some risk of destruction such as troublesome cleaning up. Without worrying about such a thing at all, baseball bats and golf clubs, hidden sledge hammer and Japanese sword and pick your favorite weapons and thoroughly destroy luxury goods such as personal computer, piano, television and motorcycle It is like a membership club like an action game says "Destruction Company (Destructive Company)"is.

According to the spokesperson of the club, "This is not violence, it is the art of destruction", but what kind of membership club is it?

The fee for destruction and the actual condition of the club are as follows.The Destruction Company,

The Destruction Company: New 'fight club' for young and wealthy | Mail Online

Members of "Destructive Company" can destroy anything expensive, such as personal computers and pianos, as much as you want, by using your favorite weapons by paying a lot of money. There are many young people and bankers in wealthy families as members, and 40% of members are female members. In addition, members need to pay annual fee (not disclosed).

You can even swing an ax to the pot in this way OK.

First select the target to be destroyed from the menu. Weapons include baseball bats, golf clubs, sledge hammers, Japanese swords and other swords, chain saws, and other items to be destroyed include furniture, television, guitar, motorbikes, personal computers, ceramics, watermelons, etc. A variety of things are prepared.

The guitar and hammer thoroughly destroy the TV.

I am the one who hit television with a golf club.

This is part of the menu of "Destruction Company". It is cheap thing that it cost $ 10 for dishes (about 800 yen), small grand piano for 2000 dollars (about 160,000 yen), cars etc will cost more than $ 100,000 (about 8 million yen).

After ordering, we move to the warehouse for members and rooftop, we wear leather boots and armor of ice hockey for safety and destroy target a little at a time.

Men who refresh all the stress and refresh.

Destruction can be done alone or in groups. The situation of destroying is recorded, so you can look back later.

As expected it is not likely to have the chance to destroy the piano at home, but at the club this can be destroyed thoroughly.

A woman sitting on the debris of the broken piano.

Fruits and the like can also be shattered. Is it like watermelon splitting?

It is also possible to have a valuable experience of "cutting fruit with Japanese sword".

Although it seems that this "Destructive Company" originally started in a secret place in New Jersey, since the members have been gradually expanding, it is also thinking to expand to Los Angeles and London. There are also rules such as "Do not use firearms", "Can destroy only inanimate objects", "Prohibit the use of alcohol and drugs".

"The message to our members is very simple," said the spokesperson of the club, "It is OK even if it can be destroyed," and "This is not violence, the art of destruction". By the way, there seems to be a request to destroy all Ferrari and ex-husband's suits so far. In order to become a member, you will need an invitation from an existing member.

Greek restaurant where you can enjoy dish dishes in Roppongi, JapanDouble ax(Closed) "There was a shop called BeijingStore where you can split the dishes at onceThere are no other places where you are doing the most profitable service as "Destructive Company".

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