6 strange discoveries that have yet to be elucidated by science, such as "Batteries of 200 years before BC" and "Oldest analog computers"

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Some relics left by people living centuries ago have performance that does not match at all the times and places found,OOPARTSAlthough they are also called, they continue to plague the heads of modern scientists.

Some batteries apparently can not be realized by the technology at the time, such as "Batteries that were used around 200 BC" or "Equipment also called the oldest analog computer", and phenomena that have not been elucidated at all As expected, what kind of thing is it?

The mysterious six discoveries which can not be elucidated by science are as follows.6 Insane Discoveries That Science Can not Explain | Cracked.com

1: Bizarre of obscene books "Voynic manuscript"

Finally at the beginning of this yearThe created age was specified"Voynich manuscript" is an uncryptable old document written with characters like cryptograms that can not be seen anywhere else and many color illustrations are drawn even if they are related to the text.

Strings that can not be deciphered by cryptanalysis experts for military use, cryptographic researchers, mathematicians, linguists, etc., can not be deciphered by statistical methods that analyze the appearance frequency of each letter, etc., rather than a random string It certainly is judged to have meaning.

2: Also known as the oldest analog computer "Machine of Antiquitira Island"

"Antiquitila Island Machine" is a gear type machine which is thought to be made to grasp the position of a celestial body and calculate the operation of stars.

Although there is the theory that this machine found in a sinking ship in 1901 was made in ancient Greece, it has not been elucidated even where anyone made it. It is thought that it was produced in 150-100 BC in one episode, but crafts with this level of technology will appear around the 10th century.

The structure using gears is also beautiful in design, and it is said to be accurate astronomically. Moreover, in order to calculate the position of the celestial bodies on the celestial sphere based on the observer on the ground, we adopt Forest Theory inevitably.

3: Mysterious pipe in China "The Baigong Pipes"

There are thousands of rusty old iron pipes in three caves with the mysterious triangle entrance at the top of Baigong Mountain in China.

Some pipes are deep in the mountains and some are in the nearby salt water lake. A large pipe has a diameter of 40 cm, and there is also a pipe of uniform size. And they are thought to be arranged intentionally, and the pipes are in a pretty state despite the debris.

Iron is the main component of pipe,silicaIt also includes imagination such as "ancient astronomy laboratory" and "spaceship departure point left by alien". There is a pyramid at an altitude of 50 m to 60 m in the vicinity of the cave, so it seems to be thought that it is related to the pipe.

4: Close to the true sphere "Costa Rica stone ball"

The stone sphere found in the Costa Rican jungle in the early 1930s is "Costa Rica stone ball". It is said to have been made strong by Dick Stone Culture that prospered during the AD 300 to 800 years, but the detailed creation age and the purpose of creation are unknown.

Up to now, 200 or more have been found, and surprisingly it is all close to the shape of a true sphere. The size ranges from small ones as small as 2 cm in diameter to huge ones with diameters in excess of 2 m and boasting about 25 tons in weight if it is the largest. Most stone ball materials areGranodioriteHowever, it is said that a small number is made of shell limestone. Also, the arrangement of stone balls is considered to be regularity.

5: Battery of 200 years BC "Baghdad battery"

"Baghdad battery" prospered around 200 BCParthian eraIt is said to be about 10 cm in height and about 3 cm in diameter It is a pot of pottery. It was thought that it was manufactured around the current Iraq and Baghdad, and it was placed at the time of discovery with the three bowls in which the spells were written.

The earthenware is an unglazed state made by baking clay, and inside it is a copper cylinder fixed with asphalt. There is a cylinder blocked with asphalt in the cylinder, and it seems that a steel bar is inserted in it. Also, there were traces left that some liquid was in the bottom. Although it seems that this jar is being debated about whether or not it is a battery, since the battery was invented in the second half of the 18th century, if the battery was the creator of that time had astonishing skills .

6: Strange big mysterious sounds heard from underwater "Bloop"

The United States Marine and Atmospheric Administration"Bloop" is an underwater sound that was discovered in 1997, is very large at very low frequencies, and does not resemble any of the sounds so far. In the South Pacific in the southwest of South America, several times of detection was confirmed when I used the US Navy equipment originally designed to detect Soviet submarines. Although you can not hear "Bloop" at normal speed, you can hear it, but you can hear it by playing it at 16x speed.

The source of the sound is unknown, it was presumed that "the sound of submarines and bombs", "submarine volcanoes and earthquakes", and also the sounds of living things, but the biggest sound in the oceanBlue WhaleIt seems that the possibility of a living thing is quite low because it is a bigger sound. In addition, it seems to be said that in one theory it is said to be the sound of Antarctica ice collapse. The sound can be measured in the range of 5000 kilometers or more and will continue to ring for about 1 minute.

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There are five other unknown underwater sounds detected by the United States Marine and Atmospheric Department, "Slow Down"Julia" "Train" "Whistle" "Upsweep" It seems to be called. In addition, you can hear the actual sound of "Bloop" from the official website of the following United States Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.


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