A bat that will always make a home run if hit with an 'explosive impact' is finally invented, what is its power?

The “ bat that can hit a home run ” that baseball players all over the world will want to get out of their throats has finally appeared. YouTube channel

Stuff Made Here , who has created automatic haircutting robots and basketball goals that can be absolutely scored , has released a movie that shows the whole story of making a home rambat boasting the threat of hitting.

World's most powerful bat goes boom. Made on my new Tormach 24r-YouTube

Shane Wyton, who runs Stuff Made Here, has the home rambat in question.

Creating a home run bat begins with processing the wood to make the base bat. A computer-controlled processing machine is required to freely process wood.

So, when Mr. Shane

opened a business to Tormach, which is famous as a processing machine maker, he agreed to lend the device.


Tormach PCNC 1100 MX, which costs at least 2.5 million yen, arrived.

It's too big, so it's a hassle just to bring it to the workshop.

However, if you use a high-performance processing machine, you can cut wood with a precision that is impossible by hand.

After receiving advice from Tormach, 'Pine wood is good for making bats,' Shane cuts out pine wood with PCNC 1100 MX.

It looks like this after shaving. Although it is in the shape of a bat, the ball hitting part has recesses and screw holes so that the device can be attached.

And, it is the .27 caliber used in the nailing machine that produces the striking power to hit the ball far away.

The principle of hitting a home run is like this. When the ball hits the device embedded in the bat...

A .27 caliber detonator is struck and the gunpowder inside the cartridge explodes. That energy will change the ball into a home run.

Now that the bat has been cut, it's time to build a cylinder to hold the .27 caliber.

A single .27 caliber bullet is loaded into the completed cylinder, and the ball attached to the stick is dropped to perform a motion test.

When the ball vigorously falls into the cylinder, a van! The explosion sounds and the explosion bounces the ball at the same time... It should be, but for some reason it doesn't bounce at all.

If you look closely in slow motion, the explosion leaked from the side of the cylinder. The energy from the explosion escaped to the side, so the ball didn't bounce at all.

So we reviewed the design of the cylinder and tested it again, and this time we were able to bounce the ball nicely.

A maximum of three 27-caliber rounds can be loaded into the cylinder.

As a test, I loaded three .27 caliber rounds and tested it. At the moment of the collision, a heavy spark was scattered from the cylinder, and the ball was blown off with tremendous force.

When you look at the ball, the attached rod and shaft are bent. It seems that a considerable distance can be expected.

Shane, who immediately installed it on the processed wood and made a prototype of the home rambatte, performs tea batting in the workshop.

Although it is batting of an amateur who has a slight waist, the ball hit with a buzzing sound flies to the net with tremendous momentum.

However, the bat broke with one shock due to too much shock.

If you hit a home run once, it will run out, so you need to reload the bullet each time.

So, I will make a home run bat while making further improvements.

In addition, I bought full body armor for bike touring for safety.

We also prepared a helmet with a face guard.

A cylinder is installed near the center of the home run bat.

If you don't hit the cylinder, you'll end up with a lumpy stuff...

If you take it seriously...

The explosive force of the cylinder causes the hit ball to be sucked into the blue sky in the blink of an eye.

However, the hard spheres that were literally 'explosive hitting' were torn from the seams and became tattered.

Shane prepared a pineapple with a balaclava to make it easier to understand the impact.

Shane shakes it up to a pineapple...

Just Meat!

That hard pineapple shattered in one shot.

If you check the image captured by the slow camera, you can see how the pineapple exploded beautifully at the moment of hit.

Of course, this bat cannot be used in official games. Shane made a stand with a processing machine and decorated his own home rambat with a battered hard ball on the wall.

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