A variety of black and white photographs showing people and cases representing the 20th century

From pop stars such as "Beatles" and "Marilyn Monroe" to "Malcolm X" and "Mother Teresa" to "Mohammed Ali" and various celebrities such as "assassination of John · F · Kennedy" and "Apollo plan" It is a collection of black and white photographs of persons and incidents representing the 20th century until the incident that remains in history.

It has been quite years since the 21st century came into existence, but it is also inconceivable to look back at those pictures and go back to memories of the old 20th century.

The collection of black and white photographs of the 20th century is as follows.Izismile.com - Cool Retro Photos (64 pics)

◆ Music

A genius guitarist who looked down,Jimi Hendrix.

I was toldthe beatlesI am four people.

I played the drummer of the Beatles who is thumbs up.Ringo Star.

Posing in ladder is "Light the heartWas a big hitDoorsis. VocalJim MorrisonHe passed away at the young age of 27.

PlayingBad FingerActivated from the late 1960s until the 1980s.

I play in the 60'sRolling Stones. Started working since 1962, even now it is active.

Concert pattern of Rolling Stones seems to be in the 70's.

Rolling Stones'Mick JaggerAnd a cult moviePink FlamingoFamous for starringDivine.

1975 movie "TommyOf the actress who won the leading actress award (musical / comedy division)Anne Margret"The most successful solo artist in history" and Guinness certified King of rock and roll,Elvis PresleyTwo-shot.

Elvis · Presley joining the army.

Singer representing the 20th centuryFrank SinatraAnd his daughterNancy Sinatra.

The trumpet is played by jazz musicians representing the 20th century,Louis Armstrong.

Is the man who blows a trumpet in front of the Sphinx is Louis Armstrong?

Jazz singer who played active part in the prewarCab CallowayHe leads the orchestra.

Made in the 30'sRadio City Music HallTo dance withRockets.

◆ Actor / Actress

I stood on the subway's exhaust portMarilyn MonroeA famous scene where skirts float up fluctuate from the movie "Fate of the seventh year".

Marilyn Monroe (center) and America's leading entertainerSammy Davis Jr.It is a scene of the nightclub "Crescendo" where celebrity people such as (the second from the left) gathered.

This is a musical movie "West Side StoryOne scene of. He is the founder of Johnny's officeJanny KitagawaI started Johnny 's office as a result of seeing this movie.

Representing the 60sAmerican New Cinema"Easy RiderIt straddles a motorcycle with "Dennis HopperWhenPeter Fonda.

The film of 1977JuliaFrom the UK actress who received the Academy Supporting Actress Award and the Golden Globe Award Supporting Actress AwardVanessa RedgraveAnd the daughters.

I am relaxed died at the age of 24James Dean. In 1955 the movie "Rebel without reasonWhen it was released, it became a charisma of young people.

The movie of 1971Clockwork 's OrangeStarredMalcolm McDowell.

Actress who starred in 1967 movie "We have no tomorrow"Faye DunawayAnd 1980 movie "ShiningThe sci-phi is familiar withJack NicholsonI am sleeping in the 1974 movie "ChinatownOne scene with.

I'm reading something in the 1979 movie "Kramer, KramerStarred inDustin Hoffmanis.

It seems to be a movie version released in 1949BatmanAnd partner'sRobin.

The movie of 1969Midnight car boyTwo actors starred in "John WoightAnd Dustin Hoffman.

Artist who died at the age of 27 in 1988,Jean-Michel Baskia.

◆ Sports

Canadian runner of artificial legs,Terry · FoxIt is like running. Because osteosarcoma that caused cutting of the right leg was transferred to the lung, in 1981 he died at the young age of 22 years old.

The 19th world heavyweight champion of all undefeatedRocky · MarcianoA decisive moment when he broke Jersey Joe Wolcott of the then world champion. It was in 1952.

Smiling a pack with one hand is a professional ice hockey player who is also said to be the best athlete everBobby Hull.

Fighting poses are taking place,I also fought with Antonio InokiIn a young ageMohamed Aliis.

A women's baseball player who slides. I am wearing a period uniform.

◆ Politics · Incidents

The 35 th President speaksJohn F. Kennedy.

It is considered to be an assassination of assassination of John F. KennedyLee Harvey OswaldA scene where it is taken to jail. In addition, he died after being sniper 2 days after the arrest.

A young man who salutes the coffin of his father, John F. KennedyJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.And the Kennedy family.

I liedEdward KennedyI have a conversation with my brother.Robert KennedyHe was assassinated at the youth of 42 years old.

Mount RushmoreA man who climbs up the statue of the president carved into. Sculpture was made between 1927 and 1941 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the foundation.

As a black liberation leader I have a name in historyMalcolm X. It is assassinated at the age of 39.

The first in human historyMoon landingSucceededApollo plan.

◆ Other

Flying birds received the Nobel Peace PrizeMother Teresa.

That famous brand "ChanelThe creator of "Coco Chanelis.

Texas bus with white preference seat. In 1955 as a resistance movement against racial discrimination "Montgomery · Bath · Boycot incident"Occurred.

Immigrants are staring at New York. From 1892 to 1954, Ellis Island in New York was the gateway to immigrants.

Male and female with a swimming suit. The time is felt from the female hair style and swimwear.

Sisters enjoying baseball. Is not this a scene that could not be seen before the 19th century?

Empire State Building completed in 1931I am performing an acrobatics on. It was the tallest building in the world for 42 years since completion.

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