"Magician's Ophen gone journey" Again, from September the booklet was published for three consecutive months

Popular work "Magician Orphen" which was also made into a TV animation at light novel of Akita Yasunobu who was published from 1994 to 2003.A new series starts this autumnIt was announced that it was announced, but from September it became clear that the book will be published three months in a row for a bookbook.

The "Magician's Ophen Staggering Journey" which corresponds to the main edition has ended with "Opening door (bottom) in my sanctuary" in September 2003, which means that it will be the first time in 8 years.

Details are as below.
Magicians Orphen Hideful Journey (Tentative) | TO Books

It is published in two volumes, "The End of Kiesarghima" and "The Promised Land", which were recorded in Akita Sadinobu BOX, which was released only in 2009. The last volume is the first volume of the new series It is said that it will be.

Author Akita himself used to say ""Opens" recorded in BOX previously released may be resold as a new bookIn that case, I supplemented that at the time, "If this is not premise, I do not know the series meaning of this time ...", as expected, as expected, two episodes necessary for starting the new series are first published , And it will be entering the new series.

"The end of Kiesarhima" Illustration: Yuya Kusakawa (※ illustration is under construction)

"In the place of promise" Illustration: Kusaya Kusakawa (※ illustration is under construction)

Prior to launch of this new series, from June 18th, the 2nd book "Magician Orphans" brochure written short story written down at the nationwide bookstore will be distributed. This short story says that long feature books will be recorded simultaneously at the time of publication.

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