"Noitamina" frame animation to be aired from October, titles are "Guilty Crown" & "UN-GO (Ango)"

New animation to begin summer 2011 in 2011Although information on about "Noitamina" broadcasting that started in October 2011 that will be televised afterwards has come up, the title and other information has been uploaded.

"Guilty Crown"When"UN-GO (Ango)"The former is announced the stage setting and the staff on the official site, the image is published in the latter at the teaser site.

"Noitamina" Information on October television works is from the following. According to Mr. Koji Yamamoto, editor of Noitamina, Noitami telecast from OctoberBoth works are original worksThat is to say. "Guilty Crown" has official website opened, official Twitter account is also explained.

Guilty Crown [GUILTY CROWN]

Twitter / @ guilty_crown: Finally I was able to let you know. The original animation "Guilty Crown" full of heat of staff including Mr. Araki, Mr. Yoshino and others is lifting information from today! (Aniplex Oyama)

Tetsuro Araki, who also served as the director of "Gakuen Apocalypse HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD" "DEATH NOTE", will serve as the director. Mr. Araki and the same generation - Animation director of 3 years ago has many active people who are active in the current animation industry as follows, further expectation is expected in the center of the industry in the future.

Grade 73: Aoi (spirit - zero -, wandering son, chapter 1 of the boundary of the sky), Makoto Shinkai (child following the stars, 5 centimeters per second)
Grade 74: Hiroshi Yamamoto (Kannagi)
76th grade: Takuro Araki, Ryu Nagai (Tora Dora !, A Certain Science Giant Railgun, we do not yet know the name of the flower I saw on that day), Ryosuke Nakamura (Ark of Bamboo), Jun Shishido ( Remembrance to a certain air fighter, Saiunkoku Monogatari), Onuma Mind (Baka to Test to Shokanju, ef - a tale of memories.)
Grade 78: Yoichi Fujita (Gintama ')
79th grade: Takayuki Hirao (the boundary of the sky, Chapter 5, Gyo, temperature of cherry blossoms)
Year 80: Yasuhiro Yoshiura (Eve's time)

Also, the animation "Macross F"Hiroyuki YoshinoIs in charge of the series composition. Secondary series composition is known for the series composition of "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion"Okochi IchiroI will serve you. Production I. G 6 animation production. Hatsune Miku vocal song "Melt" and raised the name recognition with a hitSupercellFrom songsRyo, But a draft characterRedjuiceIt will be handled.

The stage is Japan that got into great confusion by the spread of "Apocalypse virus" suddenly occurred 10 years ago. Japan, which became an anarchy state, will be placed under its control under the military intervention of "GHQ" organized among super nations.

The main character Sakuramisu (Oumi Shuu) is 17 years old who attends Tennozu First High School. After having encountered with the members of the resistance organization "funeral company", it will inevitably have the ability to bring out substances called "king's ability" and "void" from the heart of men and fight as weapons. The introduction of the official site includes "This is power. We spirit human beings into shapes - "Crown of sin (Guilty Crown)"Impressive phrase "is used, it seems that the ability of him will be the core of the story.

A young chief who led the funeral company, a resistance organization that says Japan independence · Legend of the Lady God (Tsunagami). Like a bunch, it is a boy who is strongly charismatic led by a large number while being 17 years old, leading a collection that was supposed to have "the ability of the king", aiming for the success of the revolution.

The heroine's Inari (Isori Isuzu) is a vocalist of 'Egoist', a member of a resistance organization 'funeral company'. Somewhat mysterious girl somewhere not putting emotions on the table, its birth is enveloped in mystery. It was an admiration for the collection, but by meeting with her the fate of the collection got started to turn around a lot.

Shinomiya Ayase (Shinomiya Ayase) is a wheelchair girl of a "funeral company" (17). Humanoid robot weapon "End rave" pilot, sporty, healthy, inexperienable personality.

A member of "funeral company" · Thrush is a very good operator, a girl who listens to tame mouth for a long time.

Another piece "UN-GO (Ango)" has become a teaser site as of June 9, and information on staff cast etc has not been announced yet. Different images are randomly displayed for each access, and a mechanism has been adopted in which the screen changes somewhat if the same image is kept displayed for several tens of seconds. Since it is said that the official HP release is planned in early July, it seems that details will be announced at that time as well.


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