Sony is officially announcing the price and release timing of inexpensive 3D television and "PS VITA (NGP)" at "E3 2011"

In January this yearNext Generation PSP "NGP"We announced the other day,Working on the development of a model corresponding to "PS 4 (PlayStation 4)"We are beginning to clarify the prospects for the future little by little, and at a press conference conducted at Sony's "E3 2011", the biggest trade fair in the game industry held in Los Angeles, USA, cheap 3D displays and revised NGP We announced the price etc of "PSVITA" officially.

Details are as below.
It is time to start.

Products from PlayStation World.

Lecture by Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). First of all, I express my sincere apologies for the trouble of the Playstation Network, and I am planning to enhance the contents from now on and also put the emphasis on security.

Details of video distribution service provided for PS3 in the future

And the details of the third hit title "Uncharted 3" announced. The venue heats up at a stretch.

Demo play by producer. It is regrettable that it becomes blurred in the photograph because it is a 3D compatible title.

In addition to releasing "RESISTANCE 3" as a 3D title, expand 3D compatible software to 100. More popular work "ICO" such as HD was also announced.

Decided to release 3D display of 499 dollars to boost popularization of 3D contents. 3D glasses and 3D compatible game software, HDMI cable is also included.
Sony decides to release inexpensive 3D display, 3D glasses and game software, HDMI cable also included - GIGAZINE

PS3 exclusive title "DUST"

"BIOSHOCK INFINIT" is released as a PlayStation Move compatible game.

It is also released for NGP.

PS3 and Xbox 360 to be released for "Street fighter X Tekken"NGP title is released as a title.

And the name of NGP is formally decided as "PSVITA".

Next Generation "NGP" name is officially decided to "PSVITA (Vita)", also to correspond to 3G - GIGAZINE

The price was officially announced. 3G + Wi-Fi model, Wi-Fi model, two models will be deployed within the year.

The price of NGP "PSVITA (Vita)" is officially decided, released within the year - GIGAZINE

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