All the PS 3 released so far are in the direction to correspond to 3D games by firmware update

At the Sony booth of Asia's largest consumer electronics industry trade fair "CEATEC JAPAN 2009" held in early October,A 3D compatible liquid crystal television "BRAVIA" and a 3D compatible PS 3 were exhibitedHowever, it became clear that Sony intends to make PS3 of the conventional model compatible with 3D games with firmware update.

With the launch of a new model with less than 30,000 yen and the latest work of the popular RPG series of SQUARE ENIX released on December 17, "FINAL FANTASY XIII (FF 13)" has emerged, it has finally started to get on track Although it is PS 3, what kind of spread will be shown by newly dealing with 3D?

Details are as below.
Hand-held PS3 also supports 3D - For 3D release of Sony - Digital - Nikkei Trendy Net

According to reports by Nikkei Business Publications Inc., it was clarified that at the management policy briefing session held by Sony, it is a policy to make it compatible with 3D games by updating the firmware of all PS3 released so far is.

This is part of 3D entertainment, which is a policy promoted by Sony next fiscal year, said that 3D games will be released according to the release of 3D TV scheduled for 2010, so that PS 3 can play as it is.

In addition, according to the press release announced by Sony, by implementing measures to strengthen profitability such as expanding sales of hardware and software, expanding PlayStation Network, improving profitability by cost reduction, etc. in fiscal 2010, We aim to make the business profitable.

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