"Bulletproof Zabuton" is on sale at Amazon, even if you shoot at Tokaref it's okay

"It is a handy dish if you have one on the rear seat of the car or in the sofa of the office.Please use it to cover the door with 1 Zabuton and help protect yourself with Zabuton as a shield." "Bulletproof covering two people "The area can provide a great relief." "If you use it as a cushion in the rear seat of a car, you will cover the door that includes the window glass." The expenses will be greatly reduced compared to bulletproof cars According to the importing source, this "bulletproof Zabuton" can withstand shooting by Tokaref.

It is somewhat funny naming, but the real thing itself is serious. It's serious, not story.

Pictures that show how big it really is from the following.
First of all Amazon's page looks like this. First of all, 220,000 yen bulletproof Zabuton using real leather.

Amazon.co.jp: Bulletproof Zabuton Skins: Home & amp; Kitchen

If it is the following one using leather, it is 230,000 yen.

Amazon.co.jp: Bulletproof Zabuton Skin (1 sheet): Home & amp; Kitchen

For people who are interested but who can not afford such money, there is also a ballistic Zabuton of 180,000 yen using synthetic leather.

Amazon.co.jp: Bulletproof Zabuton Synthetic Leather (Black): Home & amp; Kitchen

If you are just looking at Amazon's page, it's kind of like "Hey, what is it ... this is ... ...", but if you look at the pages you are importing and selling other than Amazon you will get even more shocking information Is possible.

Bulletproof Zabuton Class IIIA real skin 1 skin

According to the above page, the trauma plate (cushioning material) is installed above and below the panel, "Ballistic Performance Tokkaref corresponded 3A + T (NIJ - STD - 0101.04)" "Blade Level NIJ - STD 0115.00 P1 - - 4 J / 7 mm "" Blade Level NIJ - STD 0115.00 P1 - - 8J / 22 mm "has become. It is like this that the area covering two people is such.

The contents are Honeywell's "Gold Flex (PDF file) "That is,A width of 1.6 meters × a length of 1 meter is 15,000 yen and it is sold out in JapanIt is being done.

Both sides can also be used as cushion.

Besides, various anti-ballistic products are sold to Amazon. It is impressive that there are many "home & amp; kitchen" for why the category is.

Amazon.co.jp: Anti-bullet shield for rifle: Home & amp; kitchen (650,000 yen)

Amazon.co.jp: Employment of Air Self Defense Force emblem ☆ Carbide bulletproof sunglasses ☆ Black: Sports & amp; Outdoor (10,800 yen)

Amazon.co.jp: Bulletproof shield 78 SR - Level 3: Home & amp; Kitchen (¥ 750,000)

Amazon.co.jp: Ballistic helmet L size: Home & amp; kitchen (42,000 yen)

Amazon.co.jp: Bulletproof / Blade-proof BEST KA-2006 M Size: Home & amp; Kitchen (220,000 yen)

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