New generation generation special order police car with maximum horsepower 300 bhp, maximum speed 250 km

A custom-made police car "E7", which was manufactured by Carbon Motors and adjusted to comply with the law. Maximum horsepower 300BhpAt about 155 miles per hour (about 250 kilometers), it seems that it is possible to incorporate license plate automatic recognition equipment and shotgun device as an option, and it becomes a police car that is useful for solving urgent cases quickly.

Details are as below.
Carbon Motors PRESS ROOM

Atmosphere that there are many lights and showy. It seems to give you a feeling of intimidation against the criminal who runs away

Doors open in double doors

Side view

Sporty atmosphere driver's seat

There are many switches, such as a keyboard

She seems a little hard looking seat

back seat

You can see how flashy the light is when you see it in the movie
YouTube - Carbon Motors 2008 E7

Other detailed specifications are as follows.
Specifications, Carbon Motors Corporation - Purpose Built Police Car, Police Vehicle, E7

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