Live action version Rockman trailer movie

Although live-action version of Dragon Ball and other movies that make animation and games real live have come to be seen, finally that "Rockman" seems to be realized. The stage is in the near future, Dr. Wiley, who does not agree with Dr. Wright, is settled, and Rockman confronts the assassin who is going to wiley.

Recently reminiscent of Famicom age 's "Rockman 9」Was released, but it is a place to wonder what kind of quality the live-action version of Rockman will be

Details are from the following.

The stage is near future

This young man will be remodeled to Rockman

Usually a normal adolescent rockman

Dr. Light

Dr. Wiley


Dr. Wright and Dr. Wiley quarrel

Opinion failed, Finally Wiley settled

The young man stands as a rock man

By the way this is my fan site's own movie.

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