You can not play if you are a high fear horror, even the best golf course in the world

It seems that there is a golf course that is perfect for golf freaks that have become unsatisfied with the slightly different courses played on various courses. The golf course is located in Canada's Mt. Curie Mountain and can be played at a high altitude of 8000 feet (about 2,400 meters).

Details are as below.
Fairway to heaven: Hit some golfing highs at the loftiest resort around | Mail Online

Located in Pemberton ValleyBig Sky Golf ClubThere is also a normal champ on ship course, but it seems that it is now possible to enjoy golf from the summit at 290 pounds (about 42,000 yen).

Move by helicopter up to the summit

Golfer challenging with courage in cold weather

It seems desperate to look for a hit ball from here, but it seems to be okay to leave it as it uses materials that are reduced to nature

The usual course is like this.
YouTube - Big Sky Golf Course Whistler Canada

There are only highlands and the course itself can only be used from May to October, so please be careful if you think you want to go.

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