Research results show that husbands can live healthier if their wives are busy

When we investigated the changes in stress hormones secreted by married couples in their daily lives, it seems that husbands are in a healthier state when their wives are busy with housework. ..

Men tend to be relaxed when they are alone at home, so it seems that it is more calm if the wife is fluttering, but the wife also has stress hormones when the husband is doing housework. It is said that it has decreased, and it is a content that makes me think that it is difficult for the couple to come to the time to relax at the same time.

The results of a detailed investigation of stress in family life and the analysis of each expert who received it are as follows. Men relax best when wives are busy

Studies have shown that in double-income families, wives tend to have lower stress levels as their husbands help with household chores, while husbands can relax the more busy their wives are with household chores. rice field.

This study was conducted from 2004 to 2006 at a research facility for daily life at the University of California, Los Angeles, and was conducted on 30 couples living in Los Angeles regarding their daily behavior and stress hormones. I recorded the transition.

By the way, most couples lived with a couple of children. The average age of marriage is 13 years, and the average age is 41 years. The couple's behavior survey lasted four days, and was conducted on two days on weekdays and two days on holidays.

It may seem short to hear that it is 4 days, but the content of the survey is to ask the subject to make a sample of the fluid every 10 minutes in order to measure the corticosteroid cortisol secreted in response to stress. Based on the video tape that was collected and recorded, it seems that it will take a lot of time and effort to compare the cortisol value with the daily behavior and verify it. Separately, we conducted an interview and interviewed each person about their health condition.

High levels of cortisol are also thought to be a stressful situation, affecting sleep, weight, and the work of the immune system. In this case, based on the judgment that it is healthier if the cortisol level drops sharply, we analyze the numerical value focusing on how the cortisol level drops after work. bottom.

Then, regardless of gender, when I was doing a lot of housework at home, the cortisol level measured at the end of the day showed a high value. Looking at the trends by gender, the wife said that her cortisol level remained within a healthy range when her husband was actively doing household chores. From the husband's point of view, the cortisol level tended to decrease when the wife had free time while doing household chores and not spending much leisure time.

'Unlike previous studies that collect self-reported data from subjects, this stress study is conducted by observing the subjects directly. Biological stress levels over a period of approximately one week. It's also the result of measuring and integrating vast amounts of information, 'says Elinor Ochs, an anthropologist who is the leader of the research facility, arguing that the study is excellent.

Studies conducted at the facility in the past have shown that the stress of work should be relieved by relaxing at home, watching TV, and immersing yourself in your hobbies. These results may reveal that the level of stress at home is highly dependent on household chores and the circumstances of the partner.

'Men prefer to be alone in their room when they return home, while women often spend time with their children after returning home, and interestingly, when they are alone at home, men and women. Regardless, I tended to do household chores. Men generally seem to be more relaxed when they're alone, 'Ochs added.

Darby Saxbe, the first author of the study, who holds a PhD in psychology from the University of Southern California, said, 'It's reassuring that someone is doing household chores and other tasks for you. It seems that the partner can rest from the bottom of his heart only after he sees the husband helping the child with his homework and the wife folding the laundry. ' I am.

Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, a psychiatrist and psychology researcher at the Institute of Behavioral Medicine at Ohio State Medical University, said of the results of this study, 'Men are most stressed when they are not involved with their families. We have been able to resolve the problem. ' Glaser said, 'The fact that my husband is not involved with my family means that my wife is saying,'I don't need my husband's help.' Because my wife is busy, my husband is free. You can spend your time. '

However, regarding the cortisol level used as the standard of research, Professor Dario Maestripieri of Ohio University said, 'Since the level of cortisol varies from person to person, it is important to set a solid baseline and then measure the level above and below. High levels of cortisol do not mean that you are unhealthy. '

A very recent similar study also shows that wives are more likely to do household chores and husbands are more likely to spend their leisure time.

How the couple deal with housework seems to be an eternal issue.

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