Collaboration beyond the publisher, "Magical Teacher Negima!" "Hayate the Combat Butler!" Theatrical version simultaneously

Toei manga festival(Toei Animation Festival,Toei Anime Fair), It is not uncommon to screen a single feature length and a few short stories, or a bundle of middle pieces, but this summer, "Magical Teacher Negima!"When"Hayate the combat butler!Two movies of another publisher's work, that is to say, that it is going to be shown simultaneously.

"Negima" isKodansha'S Weekly Shonen Magazine Series,' Hayate 'ShogakkanWeekly Shonen Sunday series, so to speak, rivalry so to speak. Also on the official website "Simultaneous screening of why ??The word is dancing.

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Theater version "Magical Teacher Negima!" "Hayate the Combat Butler" Official Common Site for the Theater

"Magical Teacher Negima!" Is a love-comic manga serialized by Ken Akamatsu since 2003 in Weekly Shonen Magazine. In the usual case it is going to increase the appearance characters gradually but 31 suddenly girls appear.Spectacular roster where the face was lined upSo the same roster appeared in other manga and it became neta.

As a matter of course, media mix development will be carried out if such a work is done, the first phase of animation (television series) will be broadcast from January to June 2005, and from the following October 2006 to March 2007 There was a broadcast of animation 2nd period (TV series), and after the 3rd period it was expanded as comic limited edition as OVA (OAD).

This movie is "Magical Teacher Negima! ANIME FINAL theatrical versionThat means that the climax of the story will be drawn at last.

On the other hand, "Hayate the Combat Butler!" Is a butler love comic manga serialized by Kenjiro Hata from 2004 for Weekly Shonen Sunday. Ayazaki Hayate who had a lot of debts is told to work as a butler of Millionaire and Sanzenin Nagi, a wealthy millionaires who helped from afar.

This is the first period of animation (TV series) from April 2007 to March 2008, the second phase of animation (TV series) is broadcasting from March 2009 to September 2009.

"Hayate the combat butler! HEAVENS IS A PLACE ON EARTHIs a movie made of an unreleased story based on the name of Mr. Hata.

For the simultaneous screening of the movie, Mr. Akamatsu commented "I really do it! (Laugh) !? Let's get together!", And the advance tickets are also those of a collaboration pattern.

Incidentally, Mr. Hata was an assistant of Mr. Koji Kumada who is known for his masterpieces such as "Temporarily remodeled" and "Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei", Mr. AkamatsuMr. Kumada and each other with each otherIt is a magical edge.

The movie is released on Saturday, August 27th.

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