"INFOBAR A01" movie review, original development "iida UI" together with a design rich model

In 2003, the design mobile phone development project "au design project (present: iida)" as the first release of the mobile phone "INFOBAR" which gathered high popularity is the summer 2011 iida smartphone "INFOBAR A 01Although I came back as, I will deliver movie reviews at once.

Product designer Mr. Naoto Fukasawa handled the design "INFOBAR" has become a very significant impact on the design of existing mobile phones, "INFOBAR A 01" is the design of smart phones where white and black were mainstream In addition to changing, a very sophisticated user interface of our own development "Iida UI"Is adopted.

Details are as below.
I tried scrolling "iida UI" pre-installed matching colors for each color. The UI is a leading web designer in Japan,Yugo NakamuraIt is a menu with a simple vertical scroll configuration that Mr. directed direction, but it is quite comfortable to scroll.

YouTube - Scroll two "INFOBAR A01" simultaneously

I tried using Google Maps. Response is quite comfortable. There is only WIN HIGH SPEED compatible machine and reading speed is not bad.

YouTube - Launch Google Maps with "INFOBAR A01"

Japanese input is like this. It seems that you will not feel the stress "it takes time until the next candidate is displayed" or "the recognition of the flick is slow".

YouTube - I tried using the Japanese keyboard "INFOBAR A 01"

Product information of the summer 2011 model can be checked from the following link.

New model | Product lineup | au by KDDI

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"INFOBAR A01" movie review, original development "iida UI" together with a design rich model - GIGAZINE

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