Smart key phone with dial key "AQUOS PHONE IS 11SH" movie review

Today was done2011 summer model recitalIn addition to the software keyboard tapped on the screen that was announced at, it looks like a feature phoneDifferent color smart phone with dial key "AQUOS PHONE IS 11SH"We will deliver movie reviews.

Details are as below.
First I tried to slide the dial key. Many people seem to mistake as feature phones.

YouTube - "AQUOS PHONE IS 11SH" keyboard is sliding type

Scroll of the home screen looks like this. There is a sense of toughness, but since it is a prototype machine that is exhibited to the end, there is a good possibility that it will be improved in the product version.

YouTube - Scroll of 'AQUOS PHONE IS 11 S H' looks like this

Character input using the dial key is like this. Because it is possible to input characters into FeaturePhone Like, it might be a gospel for those unfamiliar with touch type.

YouTube - I tried typing in "AQUOS PHONE IS 11SH"

Browsing is like this.

YouTube - Browsing experience with "AQUOS PHONE IS 11SH"

Since there is only one camera unit, adopt a method of sliding the main body when taking 3D pictures. You can enjoy the taken 3D photo as it is with the 3D display of the main unit.

YouTube - When shooting 3D with "AQUOS PHONE IS 11SH" slide the main unit to the right

Product information of the summer 2011 model can be checked from the following link.

New model | Product lineup | au by KDDI

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