NTT DoCoMo announces the 2011 summer model and new service, nine models of smart phones

I tell you the other daySo, today, NTT DoCoMo will implement the summer 2011 model and new service launch meeting.

Sharp's latest smartphone already equipped with 3D camera and 3D liquid crystal "AQUOS PHONE SH-12C"Although electric shock has been announced, unique lineup such as" Galaxy S II ", Japanese-style Xperia" Xperia acro "and waterproof smartphone" MEDIAS WP ", palm-sized Windows PC" Windows 7 mobile phone F-07C " It has become.

In addition, all models are equipped with the latest Android 2.3, and each model has various functions such as downlink maximum 14 Mbps communication, 1 seg, Osaifu-Keitai, infrared, tethering.

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The models released were nine models of "Galaxy S II", "MEDIAS WP", "Xperia acro", "AQUOS PHONE", "F - 12C", "P - 07C", "Optimus bright", "AQUOS PHONE f", "BlackBerry Bold 9780" And Windows 7 Mobile Phone F - 07C.

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9 models of smart phones, and the overview of Windows 7 mobile phones are as follows.

Twin camera 3D smartphone with 8 megapixel twin camera and 3D movie shooting. AQUOS developed liquid crystal and high image quality engine realize high definition video. Released May 20, 2011 (Friday)

◆ Optimus bright L-07C
World brightest display with easy-to-see liquid crystal even in bright places. Flat design with light weight 112 grams & thinness 9.5 mm. Bundled three colors of rear cover that can be changed. Scheduled to be released in mid-June 2011

The 4.3 inch large screen of the "SUPER AMOLED Plus" display exceeding the high-definition of GALAXY S and the dual-core CPU of 1.2 GHz high-performance are carried and it is possible to process application startup and playback of moving images smoothly. Scheduled to be released late June 2011

Waterproof is achieved with a thinness of 7.9 mm. Osaifu-Keitai · One Seg · Lightweight body The waterproof world's thinnest smartphone with infrared communication function. A collaboration model with amadana is also available. Scheduled to be released from June to July 2011

◆ BlackBerry Bold 9780
The latest BlackBerry OS 6.0 is installed. Realize high-speed and comfortable Web browsing. Scheduled to be released from June to July 2011

◆ Xperia acro SO-02C
Xperia's first Osaifu-Keitai, One Seg, infrared communication compatible model. Approximately 4.2 inches large screen Reality Display allows high brightness and high definition video to be used. Scheduled to be released from June to July 2011

◆ F-12C
High-definition super clear liquid crystal which is easy to see even in bright places. Voice technology such as "Super clear voice 3" that realizes optimum listening ease according to the surrounding environment is installed. Design collaboration with "GLOBE-TROTTER". Scheduled to be released from July to August 2011

◆ P-07C
A design that combines fashionability and functional beauty. The position of the keypad and touch speed selector can be customized with a large screen of about 4.3 inches and easy operation with one hand. Scheduled to be released from July to August 2011

3 smart phones compatible with the world's first wireless charging standard. A compact body that can be recharged simply by placing it in a wireless charger for waterproofing and dust prevention is realized. Scheduled to be released from July to August 2011

◆ Windows 7 Mobile Phone F - 07C
World's smallest personal computer equipped with Windows 7. With its comprehensive security functions and convenient mobile functions such as Osaifu-Keitai, it is possible to cooperate with peripheral devices with optional USB & HDMI cradle.

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Press release below.

Press release presentation: Develop 24 models in summer 2011 models and release some models | Notice | NTT DoCoMo

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