Plastic model diorama with motifs of each successive Gundam work such as "Gundam vs Black Three Star Star" and "Battle of Tropical Sand"

Diorama is included in the model, but at this time Shizuoka Hobby show, a diorama with a model of each aircraft on the market has been exhibited, with the motif of the successive Gundam series in the Bandai booth.

First generation Gundam"Gundam vs Black Three Star"Ya"Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY"of"Battle of the heat sand"In addition to the name scene such as Zaku reproduced the mass production system "mass production start" and scenes and others that were not seen in the original are expressed.

Diorama with the motif of the successive Gundam series is from the following. First generation GundamBlack Three Star"Gundam vs black triple star" with the motto of the fight against.

Is it the moment when you avoided bashuka of mash with Gaia as a stepping stool?

Dom is a Gaia machine, Ortega machine, mash machine from the front. After this, Gundam will destroy the mash machine with beam saber.

"Sharp only machine" that gathered four special sharp aircraft.

Zaku only for Char

Special for sharps

Geargu for exclusive use

And Geoong that became a machine exclusively for Char.

"Killa Yamato, I will go to Gundam!" Which reproduced the sortie scene of Yale Strike Gundam!

A catapult deck is installed.

"Mass production start" which arranged a large amount of zaku.

Zaku is lining in the container.

The place where Heat Hawk and Zakubazuka are installed is also properly prepared in the container.

"Mobile Suit Gundam UC""Battle with the red comet" which reproduced the battle of Unicorn Gundam and Sinanju more.

Unicorn Gundam



Also from Gundam UC, "Phantom of Laplace" gathered mobile suits appearing in "episode 3 Phantom of Laplace".


Stark Jegan

Gilla Suhl (Angelo Sauper exclusive machine). Besides being different in color from the normal machine (the SDF), it is equipped with two large propellant tanks.


Unicorn Gundam


"Mobile Suit Gundam G Wandom W""Operation meteor, starting" that gathered the hero's aircraft.

Wing Gundam

Gundam Sand Rock

Gundam Death Size

Gundam Heavy Arms

Shenlong Gundam

Also from Gundam W, Gundam Epion and Wing Gundam Zero (Endless waltzShowdown "The Last Winner".

Gundam Epion

Wing Gundam Zero (Endless Waltz Edition)

"Mobile Suit Gundam 00""Voice of double o" from.

Double O riser (Double Oh Gundam + O'Lighizer) is a gangster.

"Mobile Fighter G Gundam"More than, "Seeing! Eastern School Undefeated".

Noble Gundam

God Gundam

Master Gundam and the False Cloud Reappear

"Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY""Battle of the heat sand" which reproduced the Anabel Gateau pursuit game at the Kimberlite mine base. Made by Mr. Katsunari Kakuda.

Jim Custom who dodge bazooka

Dom Tropen

Zaku F2 commander type

Zaku F2

Gundam GP-01 "Zephyrinus"

Also from 0083, "Sortie, Albion MS Unit" motif of the Albion team after transferring the battlefield to outer space.

Gundam GP-01fb

Jim Custom

Jim Cannon II

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