Thunder strikes a movie on Airbus A 380 just before landing

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Because the thunder has a high probability of falling to a high place, if it is an urban areaOften you fall into a buildingHowever, since there is only a high building at the airport, there is a thunder strike on an aircraft at a higher position than it is.

London·Heathrow AirportThen the other day, it was on the verge of landingEmirates AirlinesThe moment of lightning striking at Airbus A 380 is caught in video.

Pictures that do not want to get on an airplane in bad weather are from the following.
Jet struck by lightning as it lands at Heathrow | Mail Online

The picture looks like this. Photographed by photographer Chris Dawson, "I saw clouds like storms gathered, I thought that the condition of perfect thunder was complete," I tell the situation at that time.

It seems that lightning wraps around behind the aircraft, but ...

I am lightning thoroughly in the aircraft.

Thunder strikes were from Emirates Aircraft of Dubai to London and were operated by Airbus A 380. It took a few minutes to land at the airport, and it seems there were no injuries etc for over 500 passengers.

Handle airline newsFlightglobalDavid Learmount of David Learmount says, "There are several lightning strikes aircraft a year, the aircraft works like a lightning rod, sometimes it will be a dramatic image like this one, but many do not have much impact." As for the influence of lightning strikes, "Manufacturers must manufacture such that the aircraft withstands lightning strikes and the inside of the aircraft is protected, so the aircraft is made of metal to allow electricity to pass through If it was made of wood, the aircraft would explode at the time of a lightning strike.

By the way, the other dayFlight recorder found in the Atlantic OceanFall of Air France 447 flightIt is thought that the cause of lightning is caused by lightning.

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