It is reported that Microsoft intends to acquire free calling software "Skype"

It was reported that Microsoft intends to acquire Internet calling software "Skype".

With the release of Skype for iPhone and Android smartphones, the flow of free calls is spreading not only among computers but also on mobile, but recently, what kind of expansion will you show in the future if Microsoft actually acquired it Cow.

Details are as below.
Microsoft acquires Skype at near $ 7 billion = related source - WSJ Japan version -

According to reports by the American "The Wall Street Journal", Microsoft said it expects to acquire "Skype", a major Internet phone service, at a price of more than $ 7 billion (about 562 billion yen).

This is revealed by a source familiar with the circumstances, it is said that it is going to be finalizing the negotiation on the evening of May 9th local time, it will be officially announced as soon as May 10 There is a possibility. There is also a possibility that the negotiation itself will be broken, and Microsoft and Skype say that they refrain from commenting.

Although it is quite an interesting acquisition plays, if Skype is preinstalled on Microsoft's products such as Windows and Windows Phone, I do not care whether there is a possibility of conflict with Windows Live ...... It is place.

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Microsoft decided to acquire Skype, Skype can operate on Xbox etc.

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