"Baulic" "Matcha no Baumkuchen" is just 30 seconds in range and the true taste starts to awake

Because it seems that it seems to be in "valuec" in the corner of JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan basement 2 floor underground floor so it looks like pumpkin's simmered look like "Baumkuchen", so I bought it. Because it was Isetan's Grand Open Day on that day, somehow "gift item" was also accompanied by another Baumkuchen "Caramel Prinbaum" together. I feel like I got it.

So, when I notice it, I feel that I am eating only the powdered tea series, but the taste review is from the following.MochiCREAM

JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan

This is "Baruuku" in the corner of party tune of JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan basement 2 floor.

Baumkuchen and chiffon cake are displayed in the glass case.

This is the target "Baumkuchen of Matcha" 1260 yen.

Nearby is "caramel print baum" 1050 yen. I am improving this to make "Matcha no Baumkuchen".

Chiffon cakes cut in square.

So, I bought "Matcha no Baumkuchen" and take home "Caramel Prinbaum" and take it home.

"Matcha no Baumkuchen" was in a rare wrapping paper.

Peel off the exterior and feel like this.

I took it out. It is quite dark green.

The side which seems to have wrinkles as well.

The surface burned with sugar is coated.

I cut it.

The cross section seems to be "somehow a pine slice".

By the way the main body is like this.

I tried to eat it. Before anything, the rich egg flavor will be steadily transmitted. There is a place similar to the astringent of Matcha rather than the flavor of Matcha, sweetness is considerably weak. Also burned sugar on the crisp surface creates a pleasant texture. It is Baumkuchen like somewhat closer to meal than sweets. As we recommended to the clerk, we warmed up for about 30 seconds in the range, and the elasticity which made it Mohumovu was born to a very good flavor. Subtle warmth makes the taste deep, and it has been reborn as if I woke up from a long hibernation. Apparently it is correct to eat this product warm.

Then "Caramel Prinbium".

The surface baked sugar is still painted.

It seems that it is staining well in the fabric.

I immediately switched it off.

Making a cross section is not different from "Matcha Baumkuchen".

Looking at the main body from above it is like this.

I felt that Baumkuchen was slightly lacking if it looks better.

First of all, I will take ordinary. Like "Matcha Baumkuchen", the flavor of the eggs is conveyed richly, but because it is compatible with sugar and dough, it is a tasteless taste although it is a simple taste. There are similar feeling that it looks like Castella, similar to homemade pudding. After warming up, I try to eat it again, it is an impression that comes out lively and the personality of the taste that I have in the original stands out. Even the luxurious feeling corresponding to the price is born, so if you are in a situation where the range is at hand, you can be happy if you eat it with warming up.

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