Also made of titanium "Spear of Longinus" overwhelmed by giantness and texture, also "AT field" made of titanium

An object which made up "spear of Longinus" appearing in "Neon Genesis Evangelion" with titanium is "Machi ★ Asobi vol.6It is on display at.

Founder of Fujikyu Highland's "EVANGELION: WORLD Secondary planMr. Yokichi, a titanium artist who made a "spear of Longinus" on display at the Tokushima exhibition, he is a local writer holding a workshop in Tokushima.

"Lance of Longinus" made by using a unique method of melting titanium one by one, polishing it after stacking up, baking it and giving out a blue color, as well as its size and detailing and delicacy Hue shines a fantastic atmosphere.

Pictures of Titanium "Spear of Longinus" are below. "Spear of Longinus" was settled in a special venue on the fifth floor of Poppo Street Central Building. What is decorated with Fuji-Q HighlandWeigh 2.2 kg, total length 3.198 mIt seems likely, but the thing exhibited this time is probably the same size. Sometimes exhibited without a showcase, I feel a lot of power.

The bifurcated tip part is shining.

The part of the blade is silver color as it is the color of titanium, but the part that glows blue at some places around the base.

The exhibition stand that supports the "spear of Longinus" is also made of titanium.

The spiral parts wrapped around the handle also have pieces burned and colored partly. It is a mysterious shade like blue rainbow.

From this angle, I recall the scene where Longinus spears are thrown. But do not touch the exhibits, so let's keep looking at them.

The "AT field" made of titanium, which was placed near "Spear of Longinus". Although it was an image in which rhombus lines overlapped in the work, in this work it expresses circle lines repeatedly.

Mr. Yokichi of titanium artist who made it.It became a topic as a person who made a spear of Titan Longinus at the end of 2010So, some people may remember.

The production scene of titanium art was explained by posting.

A picture of the object created by Mr. Yoshikichi was also decorated.

And in the showcase just beneath it, there is a small size "Longinus Spear".

Largin 'Spear of Longinus' has a thin line wrapped around a thick pattern, but this is treated like thin titanium 2 gathers into one while drawing a spiral.

The part of the blade is also baked and it is colored blue.

With NERV logo. It is understood that the process of coloring is performed carefully only with a small amount, and there is another charm different from the huge "spear of Longinus".

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