"IPhone does not record user's location information and does not track it," Apple announces official view

The history of places you have visited in the past is read out from the personal computer used for synchronization and displayed on the mapIPhone Tracker"The tool called iPhone and 3G compatible iPad revealed that user's location information is recorded.

furtherRecording location information by iPhone etc. is done even if location information service is disabledAs reported by Apple that the iPhone does not record the user's location information and Apple does not track the location information at all " I announced the official view.

Details are as below.
Apple's Q & amp; A regarding location information

According to the official opinion in the Q & A format concerning location information released by Apple today, in response to the question "Why is Apple tracking the location of my iPhone?" As follows , I am clearly stating that I have not tracked the position.

Apple does not keep track of your iPhone's location. I have not done it in the past, and I have no plan to implement it in the future.

And for the question "Why does my iPhone record my whereabouts?"IPhone does not record user's location = location information"Then iPhone is doing" Maintaining the database of Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile phone base stations around the current location to quickly and accurately and quickly determine the user's location " It is said that there is.

This maintenance is for finding GPS satellites quickly, or in case you are indoors or underground where you can not find the GPS satellite, use only the data of Wi-Fi hotspot or mobile phone base station to determine the position by triangulation It is a cloud source database that gathers geo tagged location information of Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile phone base stations in the vicinity that tens of thousands of iPhones sent anonymously and encrypted to Apple It seems to be using it.

Then, the data for determining the position is not encrypted, it remains in the iPhone's main body as protected cache data, and as a result of being backed up to the PC when synchronizing with iTunes, the movement history is visualized by "iPhone Tracker" It is said that ... ... but, AppleThis data is not the user's location information, but the location information of the surrounding Wi-Fi hotspot and mobile phone base station, And depending on the base station, it is said that it may be 100 miles (about 161 km) away.

Furthermore, it is planned to close the cash up with a software update coming soon, and depending on the user, concerning the case where the position data corresponding to the past one year on the iPhone was stored, "unresolved bug "It is said that it will be fixed soon so that the storage period will not exceed 1 week.

Also, even if the "location information service" function is turned off, the fact that the iPhone sometimes keeps updating data of Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile phone base stations using Apple's cloud source database is also due to a bug, For data collection other than location data, we assume that we collect anonymous traffic data to build a traffic database of cloud sources in the future, and within the next few weeks the following content It is said that iOS software update of free will be offered free of charge.

Reduce the database size of Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile phone base stations of crowded sources cached on iPhone
Finish backing up this cache
This cache is completely deleted when the "location information service" function is turned off

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