Sales of iPad sold to less than 3 million with less than 3 months, and further sales started in nine countries

When Apple pre-launched it in America in early April as a "magical device"Sales exceeded expectations, the tablet terminal "iPad" whose release in each country including Japan was delayedHowever, it became clear that we sold 3 million units in less than 3 months since it was released.

Although it seems to be a pretty good start, it is scheduled to be launched in nine more countries, and further increase in sales volume is expected.

Details are as below.
Apple Sells Three Million iPads in 80 Days

According to Apple's press release, 80 days have elapsed since the company launched the iPad in the US in advance, but at the present time the unit sales will reach 3 million units.

As for this matter, CEO Steve Jobs said, "People love the iPad to be a part of their daily life," and added, "We now have this magical device next month I am doing my best to make it available in nine more countries. "

In addition, the number of applications already made for iPad has exceeded 11,000 and it is said that more than 225,000 applications including iPhone and iPod touch applications can be used.

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