The number of Apple's "App Store" downloads will soon be over 10 billion as well as a gift card gift for $ 10,000

Apple has provided the "App Store" as a platform to deliver applications that can be used on its own products such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs, but it has been revealed that the number of downloads of applications will soon be over 10 billion .

A campaign will be offered to users who have become a spectacular 100 million downloads with a gift card of $ 10,000, and they can participate without purchasing and downloading anything.

Details are as below.
According to Apple's official website, now the countdown to the 10 billion download of "App Store" is done. In addition, it is said that iTunes gift cards of 10,000 dollars (about 830,000 yen) will be presented to users who download the 10 billionth application.

Apple - iTunes - 10 billion App Countdown

By the way, although it is a condition to participate in this campaign, it is targeted to users aged 13 and older who live in the campaign target country including Japan, not for paid applications but also for downloading free applications, as well as application downloading is unnecessary Free participation forms (up to 25 times a day) are also offered.

As of 11:25 on January 17, 2011, it has exceeded 9,842.5 million downloads, but when will the company beat 10 billion by the time around? Considering that the counter is progressing on an accelerated basis, the campaign is likely to end on a day not so far.

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