KDDI's Sharp smartphone "IS03" is extremely popular, users already declared in advance purchase exceed 100,000

It's officially announced on October 4th and even familiar with CM where Lady Gaga appeared.Sharp smartphone "IS03"It has become clear that it is attracting high popularity.

Although it is the same model which becomes "smart phone made for Japanese users" equipped with high resolution liquid crystal equivalent to iPhone 4, 1Seg, Osaifu-Keitai, etc., it is said that users already declared preliminary purchase exceeded 100,000 people about.

Details are as below.
Twitter / kddipr: Pre-purchase registration site of IS03 which tweeted before ...

According to the official Twitter of KDDI Public Relations Department, the company announced the preliminary purchase of Sharp's "IS03" smartphone scheduled to be released in late November to carry out a campaign from October 18th to get extra batteries But,Campaign siteIt seems that the number of registrants to the company has exceeded 100,000 on November 4th, the 18th day of the start.

Although it is a figure of 100,000, Sony Ericsson's Android smartphone NTT docomo released in AprilThe number of reserved "Xperia (SO - 01B)" reached the record high of the time more than 50,000, And it is becoming "the eyeball" of the winter spring modelThe number of reservations for Android smartphone "GALAXY S" was also over 50,000It is quite easy to think about.

This is the body of "IS03"

Although it only declared pre-purchase, although the user who has confirmed the purchase has not just exceeded 100,000 people, but when the user declares advance purchase for the reserve battery, that user is "IS03" KDDI announced on November 8, in addition to being considered highly likely to purchaseNew plan to lower the packet rate for smartphones "IS flat"When,"Monthly Discount" that can reduce the main unit price of smartphones at a low priceIs likely to further enhance the willingness of users to purchase.

With the strong performance of "IS03", I would like to expect KDDI to focus more on smartphones.

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