Unusually my father also participated in childcare, a daughter of 4 months old and a melody of a Russian bear

Brown bearMale males disappear somewhere else after the breeding season and it is usual that men do not engage with their children for their entire life, females alone bred for birth and child rearing, and male adult male accompanied the baby bear When you meet a female, you may kill a bear with the purpose of breeding with the scalpel and for the purpose of feeding.

However, when breeding in a zoo the circumstances are different, a 14-year-old male Balu raised in Primorsky Zoo in the eastern part of Russia is not painful even if you see Diva of a child bear after 4 months old , Surprising the keepers and visitors.

Pictures are from the following.From Russia with love: The doting father bear who can not help cuddling his cub | Mail Online

Diva four months after coming near as "Dad, hug".

Balu carries Diva and gathers her face.

According to Elena Aseidulina (34 years old) who took the picture, contrary to the rules of the natural world that "Male bear lets the female get involved without any involvement with children", Balu hugged Diva of a child bear In addition to having fun playing, I participated in child rearing considerably actively, such as teaching how to swim in the pool in the garden, it seems to have surprised the visitors and the keepers. Diva submerged in water in my father's hot swimming classroom seemed to look up to Masha of mother bear as if asking for help, but Masha told me that she showed a relaxing expression with full confidence in Balu about. Balu instinctively knows the time that Diva can endure under the water, or by holding it out of water for a while, the lesson was done safely.

Playing with a breath sprinkling with "boots" in the stomach of Diva.

As Masha makes Diva drink milk, Balu watches closely as if waiting in the order to play with Diva, and sometimes shows a gesture of making Masha as if "let me play too early" It was said that there was something.

It seems that Balu (left) holds the head of Masha (right) while holding Diva. "Is it almost time for me to say Masha" Please wait a bit longer "?

Balu and Masha are said to have been rescued by the military when they were about to be hunted by poachers in 2002 and came to Primorsky Zoo. It adapts well to changes in the environment, both couple and parenting seems to be doing well, and now it is totally popular among zoo specialties.

"Balu is really a father's bend, I always breath in the way my parents are playing like this, the moment when I realize that animals have feelings just like us." Director Aseidulina says.

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