Mother of parenting, cheetah's mother raising six cuntan brothers

It seems that even six men are busy even if they have children, especially if they are all six-child babies who are still at hand.CheetahAlthough it is said that the number of children born at the same time is said to be nine at maximum, usually 2 to 4 births are usually born at the same time, and 6 brothers are quite large as a cheetah as well. Even just hunting and eating 6 heads is tough, even to move the hideout to protect the children from the natural enemy, if there are 6, it is a big move.

Super mama who raises six cheetah's babies that 90% will die by 3 months after birth, and children who grew up to 4 months old after childbirth while sorry for mothers,KenyaofMasai Mara National ReserveIt was taken in.

Pictures are from the following.Busy cheetah mum cares for her SIX adorable cubs | Mail Online

Children running cheerfully. It is said that cheetah, which is the fastest animal kingdom in adulthood, has a maximum speed exceeding 100 km. Perhaps you are polishing your form by chasing after siblings.

Tree climbing is one of the skills that makes life hard for survival. Children also climb easily with mim as a model.

The photo is from Italy and since 1990, wildlife photographer Paolo Torchio living in Kenya in October 2010Masai Mara National ReserveIt was taken with.

The fluffy whitish mane that grew from the back of the head to the shoulder is characteristic of a child in the months after birth. This hair has odorous glands resembling skunks and skins that are not toothy even for lionsLatheIt is said that they developed to deceive predators' eyes by resembling them.

Children practicing hunting while playing. It seems that parents will be separated by 18 months of age.

Wrestling between brothers may be a practice of hunting.

Cheetah looks at first glanceLeopardIt is similar, but can easily be distinguished by a black line like a tear under the eyes. Cheetah 's gestation period is three months, which is shorter compared with humans. Birth weight is about 150 ~ 300 g, eyes can not be opened for about 2 weeks after birth, so it will be able to walk from about 16 days after birth. In the meantime, there are many individuals predicted by lions, hyenas, etc, and mothers often carry around baby's neck and change hiding places frequently, but as soon as you can run around you will be targeted again as you can leave your mother It will also be.

Parents looking at the setting sun and viewing the sunset.

My mother leaves the children in about 18 months after birth, but after about 6 months I live in a group of brothers and sisters. In about two years after birth, females leave herds and the remaining male seems to spend his whole life in the same group. The sexual maturity of the cheetah is about one year after birth by females, and females are about 2 years old after birth, but usually breeding is about 3 years after birth, the lifespan is about 12 years.

In addition to this, a lot of beautiful wildlife pictures by Paolo Torchio can be seen from the following site.

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