Individual guidance overcomes cannuci 100%, Otter's mom's swimming classroom

Sea otterYaOtterAlthough the image swimming freely in Switzerland in the water may be strong, it is not that it is an expert of swimming from the time of being born, so that it is possible for you to swim for the first time when your baby gets a special guidance at the time of a baby Become.

The way mother drags in to water baby and guides Sparta is smiling,Canada otterI will introduce videos of swimming lessons taken.

Details are as below.YouTube - Otter Pups Swim Lesson

This video is from Powell OhioColumbus Zoo and AquariumIt is a picture of how Canadian otter "Audrey" teaches swimming to children.

Otters can not swim naturally, but it is mother 's job to teach children how to swim so that they can freely move even in the same way as on land.

Swimming lessons will start about 30 days after birth.

A baby desperately trying to rise to land. I do not seem to be an avid student.

Mothers teach each baby by individual tutorial one by one.

First of all, it floats on water. The figure floating roughly on the stomach of the mother has something that can also be found in the human swimming classroom.

When you can float in water, it is a practice to swim and move your legs.

If you become confident about swimming on the water surface, next is diving practice. Your mother is holding down your baby with your stomach so that it does not come up.

I will also teach you how to get up to land, dry your body and get warm.

A baby trembling with her mother. Even though there is fur, it seems that cold climbing is not different from humans.

It seems that it becomes the same as a human being to become sleepy when you are tired from swimming, and after a lesson the baby is held by the mother and returns to the nest, and it is a nap time.

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