Masculinity full of slippery, in a way Extreme sports "human curling" movies

Overturning the concept of "body hair = manhood", she lifts the whole body into slippers and raises her own body which increased slipperiness to the limitStoneAs men who challenge the extravagant sports sports "human curling".

It is a razor's CM that appeals "smooth slide to the limit", but it has been completed to the extent that it feels the possibility of "human curling" which may be the next generation of extreme sports.

Playback is from the following.Since skin color components are many, attention may be necessary for browsing at workplace etc.
YouTube - WTF! Insane Human Curling by BIC Flex 3

A crowd filled with enthusiastic stadium waits ... ...

A man who shaves a beard in a shower room.

Shaving head and breasts to slippers.

With serious looking, I will be on the run.

The fate of the team is on this back.

Spectators who are caught in the appearance of star players.

It seems like a swimmer who wears goggles ... ...

It is the link of curling that came.

His name is Martin de Boyer, the strongest human curling ever "humanpack". It is the emergence of full with a decisive scene that determines the fate of the team.

Female fans who are excited about Martin who gave off the gown.

From Bobby of the pusher, I will receive a briefing of the strategy with a serious expression.

Martin adjusts the fit of the uniform and positions it.

Will it be possible to control this aspect like a big game at Calgary 2008?

Bobby concentrates on a steep look in general, to decide the victory or defeat.

Supporters watching from a stand that stands calm from the stand.

Bobby's hand departed from the handle of Martin's back, and the human pack finally began to slide.

Watching from the next link is the leader of the red team who leads.

I will skip the trace of the team mate sweeping, if you do.

Bobby who raises the cock and instructs sweeping.

The jagged-up jaw slips on the ice as if there were no friction at all.

A human pack of the red team who currently occupies the center (button) of the house (target concentric circle).

In order for the yellow team to win, it is necessary for Martin to clash with the human team's human pack and to stop at a position close to the center of the house rather than the two human packs of the red team.

An audience with a praying expression.

Distorting facial expressions, a human pack of red teams that will respond to conflicts.

The red team 's human pack was flickered with a dull clashing sound, and Martin put it in the center of the house.

Bobby will joyfully jump.

In the standing ovation, Martin dancing victory dance.

A spectator who is excited about super-pleasure and expresses joy by showing chest hair.

Teammates who rush to the leading victorious.

In contrast to the excitement of the yellow team, the human packs of the defeated red team do not make tremor.

A man who took off his shirt with joy.

"By the way, this video is actually ... ..." along with the live voice, Martin pushing up something I got.

"ActuallyA bigIt's a propaganda of razor FLEX 3 ".

It is a human curling that expresses a copy of "a surprisingly smooth sliding feeling". By painting it as a man odorous sports to an excess, it may be appealing also "It does not mean that you lose manlyness even along the whole body with slippers."

Martin celebrates victory with high touch with the audience.

"What a nice advertisement! It has been deceived by Big! It can only be said as a genius!" The 2011 Human Curling World Championship is closed, as live announcers praise them.

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