Cute animals playing football just like the World Cup

yesterday'sWorld Cup of Japan vs ParaguayWell, there were also many people who drank tears in a very regretful game development that is one step closer to entering the best 8.

The pictures of the animals that are likely to heal the tired mind at such soccer watching were released. Every animal seems curious about soccer balls, and from the scenes just playing with the ball, to the photograph trying to challenge football seriously, anyhow smiley appearance is contained in various ways.

Details are as below.Animals Also Play Football - Artsy Spot

Chimpanzees who are as challenging as a group photo of players.

It is too dignified hand.

Aside from the reason, the one who gathers in the ball is one of the same person and fish. The art is fine that is placed until the goal.

Kitten is brave, to the pitch!

... ... but it seems that it was dangerous, so he was sent off quickly.An example where a player who helped a cat during a soccer game got a yellow cardThere is also so, I will care what this gentle player has since.

It seems to be said that it is the strongest goalkeeper in a sense.

Two birds aiming at the ball with a serious looking face. If you stick with a sharp beak, it is likely that the ball will explode, so I'd like you to go fewer.

Do you feel like the Penguin League Rep. Korea? While everyone is facing forward, only one goalkeeper will show his back to Freedom.

Here are the atmosphere penguins such as practice matches. If the land penguin's relaxed movement, what kind of play will be deployed?

The lion is kicking a ball and a ball. When playing with the ball like this, you can realize that the king of beasts is also a feline.

Two female lions seriously fighting over the ball.

The elephant who painted that seems to be the flag of Spain is rushing while dribbling.

Meanwhile, elephants who painted the French flag are not defeated. If this is the big game between big animals, the power is also a mistake.

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