A dog teaching a ball play to a baby exquisitely gently forgiving her

A pet dog is a very gentle movie teaching how to play the ball to a little human baby who is still uncertain about hi-hi.

A baby wearing a pink tie.

I was sitting and playing the ball, but I rolled to a place that I could not reach.

A dog appeared there.

I got a ball and dropped it in front of my baby.

The baby was playing with the ball for a while, but I roll it again in the distance.

I pick it up again and put the ball back. Originally a dog loves to play balls, sometimes it does not go away once it gets added, but this dog gives birth to a baby without hesitation.

As the baby has finally grasped the procedure, I will rolling the ball on the way to the dog intentionally.

And a dog that returns the ball to the baby again. It is quite a soft way of passing from the beginning to the end, you can see that you are having trouble thinking of the other party.

The baby rolls the ball again. It seems that it gradually became fun to understand how to play.

You can see the baby's innocent hands, the dog's gentle ball missions, etc. from the movie below.

Dog Teaches Baby to Play Ball - YouTube

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