A baby's movie that keeps laughing with a nice dummy voice

It's like a crushed frog, ya alsoDonald DuckIt is a baby's movie that keeps laughing with a dummy voice as if you fiddled with a voice changer.

From that appearance it is impossible to imagine such a voice, from the bottom of my heart I can not hear "ekekekekekekeke ~" If you are watching a baby laughing, it will somewhat get rid of it.

The movie of something that is somewhat hilarious is from the following.Baby Laughs Like His Father? Video
* It takes some time to load the movie.

In an effort to make a baby laugh, my father works to drop something.

Then, the baby laughs out loudly with a voice like an alien who can not say anything.

Dad repeatedly performs the same action repeatedly, and each time the baby laughs out with a strange voice, he seems to be laughed out as it gets wet.

This serious look until my father drops things.

And at the moment things fall, I swing my arms and laugh at the bottom of my heart.

It is a monotonous movie in which the same thing repeats itself, but as you enter the key points, you may keep laughing together.

I smile to the full, this expressive expression. It looks really happy.

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