What is the "Tegra 2 processor" that realizes high-performance mobile terminals? NVIDIA will hold a briefing session

NTT DoCoMo's "Optiums Pad (L-06C)"Or KDDI's"MOTOROLA XOOM Wi-Fi TBi 11 MAndroid 3.0 tablet terminals that realized high performance, such as "Android 3.0 tablets" have been released one after the other, but NVIDIA's "Tegra 2 processor".

"Tegra Processor" is a mobile processor that NVIDIA familiar with graphic board "GeForce" series etc. is working on, but NVIDIA briefing on what kind of thing and what kind of performance is realized Was carried out.

Details of the briefing session and demonstrations, etc. are as follows.
The product of NVIDIA exhibited in the company



GeForce familiar to general users

Picture of the company's chipset on the wall.

This is GPU "GeForce 256" which was commercialized for the PC market for the first time in the world. It appeared in 1999.

Then the press seminar began.

Mr. Stephen Zan, Technical Marketing Engineer, NVIDIA Japan Corporation, explained

In the past, personal computing using a desktop personal computer was the center, but now mobile terminals are changing to mainstream.

Smartphones are the most familiar computing devices, but at the moment they do not fully cover what users want to do.

The category "Superphone" which adopted NVIDIA's Tegra processor appears there.

By installing the world's first dual-core mobile processor "Tegra 2", it achieves high performance.

I compare the size with the original Tegra processor with 1 yen coin or 10 yen coin.

In addition to CPU and GPU, the Tegra 2 processor is a "heterogeneous multicore SoC (System-on-a-chip)" featuring eight independent cores that can handle specific tasks such as audio and video encoding and decoding. It supports playback of H.264 video of 1080p.

Performance is improved by parallelization by installing dual core CPU.

Compared to mobile processors such as Qualcomm's second-generation Snapdragon "MSM 8255", TI's "OMAP 3640", Samsung's "PC 110", you can use multitasking comfortably.

In addition, these presentations are actually done on Android smartphones not yet released in Japan with Tegra 2 processor.

Demo using "Optiums Pad"

While using PC-like browsing ......

You can also access YouTube

In addition to playing games, we realize high performance when using multitasking.

As for the browsing performance as well, the result that the Tegra 2 processor is disconnected.

Adobe and NVIDIA are optimized by collaboration, and it is also a big feature that you can use Adobe's Flash comfortably.

Of course, it corresponds also to HTML 5 attracting attention as a technology to replace Flash.

Because it inherits the DNA of the GeForce series, it also features high graphic performance.

In addition to being able to port PC games, you can also multi-platform gaming of PCs, stationary game machines, and terminals equipped with Tegra 2 processors.

Tegra was a crazy polygon, but Tegra 2 makes it possible to achieve smooth graphics.

Representation of realistic shadows and expressions of even more delicate detail.

We are enhancing the overall completeness of the game by detailed drawing and expression of light.

It is possible to process chess master level artificial brain with one core.

When porting games for mobile terminals, there is no need to cut down contents.

"Tegra Zone" can also see undisclosed game information

Introduction of games optimized for Tegra 2, etc. are carried out.

Screenshots etc. of unreleased games are also posted.

When you try to download the game, it is automatically transferred to the Android Market.

Introduction on power saving technology of Tegra 2.

I think that it will increase power consumption by becoming dual core, and it will be possible to execute the same work with 40% less power consumption compared with single core.

If you browse NVIDIA's official website, it will be full rotation with single core, but if you are dual core you can browse comfortably by distributing the load to two cores.

Dual core and single core power consumption calculation formula. With a single core CPU that drives at 1 GHz and 1.1 V and a dual core CPU that drives at 550 MHz and 0.8 V, the dual core CPU can be driven with about 58% power consumption.

Details of power control mechanism. Depending on the circumstances, each core, such as music playback and video decoding, is driven independently.

At the time of browsing, the CPU performs processing, then the GPU performs only the necessary drawing ... ... and so on, by adopting thorough power management aiming at differentiation from other companies.

Future Tegra road map. "KAL-EL" that will appear this year will achieve about 5 times the performance of the Tegra 2 processor, above Intel's Core 2 Duo (T7200), and "STARK" will be about 75 times the performance of Tegra 2 .

Even in the actual machine demonstration, it will exceed the Intel's Core 2 Duo (T7200).

"KAL-EL" is the world's first quad-core CPU for mobile, it supports high-resolution display of 2560 × 1600 exceeding full HD (1920 × 1080) and movie playback of 1440 p.

NVIDIA 's future vision.

In the PC market, the share of laptops is growing ... ...

If you add smartphones and tablets, you can see that personal computing in the future will make mobile terminals show a very big presence.

Naturally, it predicts that mobile CPU "ARM" will dominate overwhelming shipments than x86 CPU used in current Windows machines.

Furthermore, it is officially decided that the next Windows will support ARM. Despite the actual demonstration, competitors such as QUALCOMM and TI could not even display the Windows Aero interface, but the Tegra 2 processor realized high performance such as applications such as Microsoft Office worked.

In addition, NVIDIA plans to conclude a license agreement with ARM for the next Tegra processor, and plans to independently strengthen the CPU core.

By the way, the technology that the company provides for mobile is a technology that has already collected technology that can be recovered by "GeForce" and so on, unlike other companies' idea of ​​"going up from the bottom", "from the top to the bottom It is said that there is an advantage in being able to conduct the idea of ​​"to drop it into".

Also, although we heard that "NVIDIA has entered the mobile business", the fact that the market has approached NVIDIA is the fact that the need has come closer to the company due to advances in technology, in fact the fact that servers, gaming machines , PC, PS3, tablet terminal, smart phone, and other products of all genres that we are offering our technology.

Questions and answers made to NVIDIA are as follows.

There was a story that the performance of STARK was 75 times, but what can we do?

Considering that you can not imagine what you can do with your smartphone with a smartphone five years ago, you may not be able to imagine the application now, but mobile terminals such as smartphones can be used as the only computing terminal There is a possibility, for example, we believe that the possibilities are infinite.

Although details of "STARK" has not been released yet, it is difficult to speak a specific part, but the specifications demanded by enterprise users and consumers are "it is not a problem to be said" is the current situation.

How much power consumption will change between reducing power consumption on a chip and reducing the power consumption of other parts such as a touch panel?

There is a part that I do not know unless it is a device maker, but as for the whole device, the proportion occupied by the backlight of the panel is large. However, regardless of which part of the power consumption is reduced, we believe that the overall power consumption will not change.

If quad-core, you can share the work, further lower the voltage. I do not mention the specific numbers yet, but even if it says the same "playing 2 hours of HD video", I think that quad-core will further reduce power if it is dual-core and quad-core.

Schedule for miniaturization? How much manufacturing process do you make?

Based on the schedule of foundry, we are creating a road map accordingly.

In addition, Mr. Keisuke Ozaka, deputy marketing group marketing manager of LG Electronics, demonstrated "optimus PAD" such as outputting 1080p full HD video and playing with the projector.

YouTube - "optimus PAD" presentation video playback

YouTube - "optimus PAD" presentation gameplay

Differentiation of Android tablet is a difficult task, but do you assume that users actually use it? Also, what kind of parts do you think are particularly demanded in the Japanese market?

As a dream of ours, we want one to be placed in one house, but it has not become such a situation yet. "Optimus PAD" emphasizes the entertainment part so that it can be used by the family in the future, and we have enriched the content of games and so on so that we can understand that "tablet is such fun" I will.

Particularly in the Japanese market, we strive to collect attractive content. A Japanese staff is talking to Japanese vendors and collecting contents.

In terms of hardware, we developed a leather case jointly with DoCoMo, not only use it by hand, but also have a function as a cradle that can stand and use it. Also, in overseas, the silver plate is behind and it is getting heavier, but in the Japanese version it is lightly removed. In other respects, we adjust each place to make it as light as possible.

"Do you plan to sell LG world (an application introduction site for LG's Android terminal, LG purchases various contents including e-books from content makers, provided to users)"?

There is no plan to sell at the moment. Regarding books, after taking the trial reading, we will take the form of purchasing content if you like it.

NVIDIA's official Tegra page is from below.

Tegra | Mobile

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