Windows tablet "ICONIA TAB W500" movie review, You can view YouTube HD picture quality

Following the photo review we delivered earlier, Acer announced todayWindows tablet terminal "ICONIA TAB W500"We will deliver movie reviews.

By adopting a processor called "C - 50" that combines AMD 's 1 GHz - driven dual - core processor and the graphics chip "Radeon HD 6250", it also supports playback of HD movies that was strict in conventional netbooks I will.

Details are as below.
First of all, I tried calling the browser using Acer's own interface "Acer Ring". Touch the screen with five fingers to adopt a mechanism called a ring.

YouTube - I tried using "Acer Ring" of "ICONIA TAB W500"

The tracking ability of a 1.3 megapixel WEB camera used for video chat etc. is like this. I tried moving the camera appropriately, and it seems that there is no such thing as "I can not use it with cheeks".

YouTube - Windows Tablet "ICONIA TAB W500" WEB camera function

I tried to display GIGAZINE in the browser. It also supports display of Flash content.

YouTube - Browsing with "ICONIA TAB W500"

I tried watching 720p HD quality version YouTube.

YouTube - I tried viewing YouTube of HD picture quality with "ICONIA TAB W500"

Although it seems that it touched lightly, although the processing power of the CPU itself is undeniable, although the processing ability of the built-in graphics chip "Radeon HD 6250" is quite high, by adopting NVIDIA's ION platform ,"AspireRevo" which realized high graphic performance while carrying Atom processorIt was a model reminiscent of.

Considering that it has high specifications by adopting dual-core "A5" processor and NVIDIA's Tegra 2 processor etc. of Apple iPad and Android tablet, "ICONIA TAB W500" is not necessarily spec Not a big deal, but the big advantage is that "existing software and hardware for Windows can be used".

In addition to being able to use the software that I use all the time, it is not a bad terminal if you think that you can exchange data by connecting a smartphone, music player, etc. if you use a USB port like a normal Windows PC Is it?

The official page of Acer is from the following.

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