Headline news on 13th April 2011

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At the Sendai airport that had been closed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, flight operations of airliners resumed on the morning of 13th.

Illustrator'sYuji KaidaIn the news reporting this, Mr. discovered a man who spreads the paper of "Okaerinasai"The inverted "I" can not be understood by the general public"Tsukkomi is put in it. This "Okaerinasai" is "Wrinkle at the top!"Is becoming the original material.

Still a strong aftershock continues, but such neta can not be installed if there is no margin in the mind, and those who noticed after getting off the airliner would like to have their arms folded and chested down.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

"New Party ○ ○ Japanese manufacturer" that can easily form a new party anytime and anywhere - GIGAZINE

Russia's parking lot has become submerged because the temperature has risen and the snow has melted rapidly - GIGAZINE

"Touching Looking" 3D Nude Photo Album for the Blind - GIGAZINE

Just like ingredient-filled oil musical noises, similar goods sales to tie-in sales, even resale stores in Yahoo! Auctions prompt decision with 1000 yen per piece - GIGAZINE
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Leisure Person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: Youth 18 Can I buy a man who does not know youth when he tickets? - Livedoor blog

It is a good world that an old man can buy youth with money

I am afraid that a semi-clad female leopard is a car school - a painful believer (No ∀ `)
People who are not driving a car are mixed

【Ω】 It is painful for a cat's gooseko to be too cute 【Futonto】 shampoo

It is too busy signboard in Japan - blunder speed

I want to eat it in the middle of the night, Abramma Mashi

Kuhubei "I want you to contract with me and become a warring country lord" - Golden Times

A scary story that was 2 ch "I found a strange diary! "What happened in the old times": philosophy news nwk

White curry ... on Twitpic
The fascinating look is excellent.

He's a man but lives with a sexy cocky man: Cafe au laita
BL Magazine "Boy's Love" Entrant in November issue All men's report "Men's ladder who got a life-sized large pillow" report.

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "Up to 100 years for decommissioning and decontamination" Experts in English scientific journals - Science

Decontamination of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and decontamination of the premises, etc. "There is a possibility that decades to 100 years may take" -. British scientific journal Nature published an opinion of experts who experienced Three Mile Island (TMI) nuclear power plant accident in electronic version 11.

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "Shift from nuclear power" Natural energy, to 100% by 50 years - Cultural topics - Culture

- What is "strategic energy shift"?


Currently, we aim to raise the proportion of renewable energy, which is around 10%, to 30% by 2020 and 100% by 5020. Breakdown of natural energy is hydraulic, solar, wind power, biomass, geothermal power generation and so on.

Germany has increased the proportion of renewable energy in electricity from 6% to 16% in the past 10 years. It has a goal of extending to 35% in the next 10 years. It is a sample that the market will spread as investment and technology development advances if the government makes policy entry.

Hebei Shinbun Tohoku news / Tsunami launched at Meiji Sanriku Tsunami "It was true"

There are two tsunami stones at about 360 meters from the coast and about 25 meters above sea level. Weighs about 20 tons each. It was launched to the present location during the Meiji Sanriku Tsunami that destroyed the settlement with a wave height of 30 meters or more. In the past survey, it is considered to be the rock which originally existed at the bottom of the sea. The type is Aquatic rock.
"When I was a child, I thought it was a joke to be heard as a stone carried by the tsunami, was it true?" Fisherman Muneyuki Yamane (76) living near the place where the tsunami stone is located is surprised.

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Current affairs dot com: Near the nuclear power plant "Can not live in 20 years" and Prime Minister Kan moved inland and built residential area of ​​100,000 people

Prime Minister Naoto Kan will meet at the prime minister 's official with Mr. Kenichi Matsumoto on the 13th and talk about the evacuation area around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant that caused a radiation leak accident "I will not be able to live there for the time being. It will come to say that I can not live a year. "

Criticism of the prime minister from the ruling and opposition party ... One month passed Level 7: Politics: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Watanabe, the leader of the party, said at a party meeting, "The government has not expressed concern about nuclear power plant accidents at level 7. The responsibility of the Kan government, which has continued underestimation, is serious," the Prime Minister failed in crisis management I declined. On that basis, he announced that he would press on to resign, "It is the key to crisis management to have the Prime Minister take over."

Togetter - "Pretty tough story"

This CNN's coverage is much more extreme than I thought, Americans are only saying that Japan is not a body as a state and most of Japan is polluted but damaged by the tsunami I felt it as a Japanese duma coverage intensively like I did not think. Americans saw that, I am quite surprised and I am doing seriously

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): 7 km fault on the surface of Iwaki City deviated due to the aftershock on April 11 - Society

Toshiba and Hitachi in collaboration with decommissioning treatment plan ... Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant: Economic News: Money · Economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Toshiba and Hitachi, which are also nuclear reactors manufacturers, had their own proposal to show the process of decommissioning work and the number of years worked. There are no cases in the world that four units simultaneously cause serious accidents and each decommissioning work is carried out in parallel. Toshiba called for Hitachi to jointly carry out waste furnace treatment because of the fear that the work could be difficult due to the explosion accident. Hitachi also shows positive attitude towards disposal of waste furnace jointly with Toshiba, but it seems that it will take more than ten years to complete the decommissioning process.

The malicious coverage of the Sankei - no gains available today

International / Europe / Middle East Other / Germany, to accelerate nuclear disarmament / The Wall Street Journal, Japan Online Edition - WSJ.com

Prime Minister Merkel suspended the operation of the seven old nuclear reactors last month, as support for the anti-nuclear green party increased due to the nuclear crisis in Japan. There is a growing demand for permanent stop as it is.

US / Politics / US Secretary of State Clinton emphasizes a selective approach to the situation in the Middle East / The Wall Street Journal, Japan Online Edition - WSJ.com

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked Arab leaders to accelerate economic and political reform in response to growing public demands on the 12th, but did not request retirement from Yemen, Bahrain and Syria leaders It was.

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【2ch】 New speed quality: urgent flash! Kamaboko disappears from Donbu
Also from Nissin FoodsOfficial releaseThere are out some items are shipped out without a beak to eliminate the shortage of cup noodles.

About the case that everyday collapsed after developing prostate ona | VIPPER bulletin

I got to get a pleasant pleasure, but I was forced to control pleasure in some cases.
For example, sexual desire rises not so much as to find a cute girl at a university.
I do not get an erection right away, but once I get into that state I can only think about erotic things all day.

Further waiting endings are fierce ...

VIPPER I: 8 women 's hobby don "8 hop" by self introduction of men

【1】 "Anime viewing" and "Figure collecting"

【2】 "Muscle training"

【3】 "Railroad" "Plastic model"

【4】 "Human observation"

【5】 "Savings" "Fiscal Tech"

【6】 "Chasing the idol"

【7】 "Game"

【8】 Gambling relations such as "pachinko" "mahjong" "horse race"

Living alone and living unemployed!

I am unemployed and I am living alone. Money is getting worse.
But I do not want to work. I do not want to hurt anymore.
The stress at the former company still can not get out.
He is going crazy.

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Internet Explorer 10 and CSS 3 | Yomotnet

ASCII.jp: Knowledgeable parts Basic knowledge [Storage section] | New parts for not shameing in Akiba Circumstances 2011

Web server nginx, released version 1.0 for nine years - SourceForge.JP Magazine: full of open source topics

Nginx is an HTTP server created by Russian developer Igor Sysoev for Rambler's search and portal site Rambler who was working at the time. It also has the function of reverse proxy and IMAP / POP 3 proxy. In October 2004, version 0.1 was released, Netcraft's share in Web server survey in April 2010 was 6% (fourth place).

Ralph Lauren's Solar Backpack | WIRED VISION

It is made of "waterproof material", the color is black or orange. On the back is a solar panel that can generate up to 2.45 watts of electricity. It looks good enough to charge the phone in a couple of hours. (However, the iPad is difficult because the usual 5 watt USB port does not satisfy the hunger of the iPad 's huge battery.

Eastern Japan great earthquake e-book with Twitter as the source published in rice # earthquake # PrayforJapan # jishin # Amazon # kindle: DON

Code to retrieve user's personal information etc. is found in the advertisement library for Android application - Slashdot · Japan

When analyzed by Veracode who is interested in this, the Android version of Pandora uses five libraries of advertisement providers, and code accessing personal information, GPS location information, Android ID, etc. is stored in the library side It was said that it was included.

Mr. Jobs The last big work Video revolution Soon start = Jeffries securities [Yukawa]: TechWave

Video business, which is the last major work before Apple's Steve Jobs giving backward management, will soon be launched and will further increase Apple's performance. Reports predicted by Peter Misek, analyst of Jeffreys Securities, are calling a big topic. He said Apple's new type of device for watching videos could be on sale, with Apple's stock as a "Buy" rating at a target price of $ 450.

New version of Evernote for Windows adds new features such as cooperation between Facebook and Twitter, notebook sharing «Evernote Japanese version blog

Today, the latest Windows version Evernote has been released as the most important update in the past few months. Big news is a sharing function. For the first time, Windows users can now share some of the memories memorized in Evernote and share them with friends, colleagues, or classmates via Evernote. That's not all. In addition to the sharing function, we are adding and improving a number of functions that have been highly requested. Let's take a closer look.

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TO BOOKS Diary - "Magicians Orphen" About the free booklet distribution of short story written down

This time, the booklet containing the short story that can enjoy some contents before the release is distributed free of charge from some bookstores nationwide from April 13th.
However, we received a lot of contact from the bookstore that it has gone away already. I'm sorry.
So, I'd like to guide you to a book store that has not received contact with stock yet on this blog.
However, there is a possibility that even the shops listed here are already gone, but please do not hesitate to contact the bookstore.

For those with no bookstores nearbyPurchase Hunter Dark online shopThen we are enclosing a booklet on a first-come-first-served basis.

The Legend of Zelda Time Ocarina 3D
It was released on June 16, 2011.

3DS announces the first eroge! It is! L Owners! 2ch summary blog

Mr. Satomi Miura is the world 's pretty crazy person!

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World musicians come to Japan one after another GW's big music festival "La Folle Journe": Tokyo Bargain Mania
Although it was a temporary topic between fans as being suspended due to the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake due to events gathered by domestic and international artists, the core period is the direction in which all the 157 performances originally planned will be done.

Suddenly, I was made a murderer - Amber-colored spells
Smilies KikuchiButSchool girl high school concrete stuffed murder caseBook reviews of books summarizing the decade that kept being slanderous as being the perpetrator of the crime

Movie / "Salaryman NEO" finally turned into a movie! Koike Teppei participates in "New employee" - cinemacafe.net

It is decided that the popular controle program "Salaryman NEO" that vanishes in NHK will be made into a movie as "Movie Salaryman NEO"! Furthermore, it became clear that Koike Teppei will participate in this theater edition as a "newcomer".

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