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Today's Yomiuri Shimbun (Kanto Edition)A full-page advertisement was outStreet, "Magical Girl Madoka ☆ MagicaThe last episode of the program will be broadcast late at night.

Episode 10 due to the earthquake disaster (episode 9 in TBS and CBC)Broadcasting was stopped at the time of broadcasting, continuous broadcasting of 11 episodes and 12 episodes from 26:40 at MBS, continuous broadcasting of 10 to 12 episodes from 27 o'clock will be held at TBS. Also, at CBC three consecutive episodes are broadcast continuously from 26:45 on 24th.

Please be careful not to miss those who are interested because it is the completion of the work attracting attention to something.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Publish backstage behind GIGAZINE 10th anniversary memorial lecture, this day it was like this report - GIGAZINE

Speed ​​breach to the era of being cracked down from space - GIGAZINE

How many songs can you sell online, can artists live? Showing GIGAZINE

2010 Takara Tommy Group Summer Business Talks organized, all articles summary - GIGAZINE
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Conan was running for you on Twitpic
Social Democratic Party of Akita PrefectureIt belongs to a candidate for a city council whose name is same as his name detective.

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: Baka's doing well studying method - livedoor blog

I would like to go if such a library! - Bukrugu commonplace room

【2ch】 New speed quality: 【Breaking News】 NHK Public Relations Bureau ...

Pachinko organization does not televise in Tokyo's New Emperor Ishihara on Majibibiri TV naturally

A pumpkin is not able to forgive the face which leaves side by side hey little Come: Wataratanikki

Am I bad? - Yahoo! Chiebukuro

About information collection method | linker journal | linker

When I inadvertently searched for things I thought about it for hours, I realized the badness of my setup. Yes.

So, this time we are talking about collecting information.
It is a story such as how to investigate what you want to investigate on the web.
I hope to collect information efficiently, widely, deeply and accurately.

Sister "I love you I do not die" - Golden Times

Sister "So if you go out with me you can tell the whole settlement story"

Younger sister: "That's why ... socializing"


Brother 'I'm home'

Sister "What ?!"


Sister "Cats are out! Bokee! I like cats and die!"

My older brother "Why are you going to come back and you must be declared that you love cats so much?"

My sister "(!) Whatever you do not care!"


Queen's sister

I "I'm home"
My older sister "Welcome back, did you come home early today, are not you?"
I "But, I have a job"
My older sister "I have not heard any excuses"
I "But ... work"
My older sister "Are you going to say the same things over and over?"
Father 'sister, work is the top priority'
My older sister "I am telling you my brother."
I "I'm sorry"
My older sister "I do understand, because I made boiled pork belly as promised."
I "Thank you, this is delicious, is not it?"
Mother "I"
Father "Mother, give up"
Mother "Ku"

I will get angry if I do not make my top priority to my sister
It is my lowest sister.
I can not get married in this case, divorce is obvious immediately

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Togetter - "Is women words really used?"

Is the so-called woman word "of yo" "- yo?" Actually used. What kind of era, region and hierarchy, if used?

Bust differences and care methods for people in their 40s - Yahoo! Video topics

The change in the shape of a woman starts from 20's. Besides knowing the law of change of bust, body massage massage that cars out the decollete and creates a smooth bust line is introduced.

Car Watch Subaru launches the new "Impreza" at the New York show for the world first

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Current affairs dot com: Outflow radiation, 4700 trillion Becquerel = high concentration contaminated water, over 500 tons in the ocean - Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant

It is said to be equivalent to about 20,000 times the amount that can be released in one year from the nuclear power plants 1 to 6 under the safety regulations.

【Nuclear power plant】 TEPCO's huge reparation policy The government's policy of establishing a new organization

The "primary damage compensation organization" under consideration for installation is funded by Government issued government bonds, insurance money contributed by electric power companies, financing by financial institutions, etc. In principle TEPCO pays compensation, but it is a mechanism that the mechanism using public funds backs up so as not to fall into excessive debt. As a model of the Deposit Insurance Corporation that was created during the financial crisis, we will proceed with payment of reparation under the management of the government. The government is planning to consolidate its framework this month, but because there is a need for a new law, there is a possibility that coordination with opposition parties will be difficult.

Taro Kono official site | It is not TEPCO to be relieved

Government support framework on TEPCO 's reparation is posted on each morning paper. Although it is not an official decision, it is strange that having the same content on each paper is a strange thing, but it is probably aimed at an advertisement balloon of eyewitness or an established factualization.

【There is a picture】 Prime Minister Naoto Kan opens the Fukushima prefectural governor with "mysterious pose" ... angry also from the victims | News 2 chan

Democratic · Gen Brown, instructing to distribute gasoline to its own constituency → 35 tank lorries gather ... doubt of profit induction

Nuclear power plant black too much I can not get a nap, "Because it is radiation safety I took now", I do not manage exposure dose Working mono news: life VIP craftsman blog www

TOKYO Electric to raise the power plan of summer to 55 million kilowatt supply - 47 NEWS (Well-being News)

TEPCO, electricity price increase for June: Economic News: Money · Economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

TEPCO clarified that the electricity rate of the standard household for June will be raised around 85 yen compared with May.

KEPCO and Large Gas, Price Increase in June: Sankei Kansai (Official News Website of Sankei Shimbun Osaka Head Office)

The electricity price in June of Kansai Electric Power will be about 6514 yen, which is about 45 yen higher than the standard in May, it was found on 20th. Because the average import price of the fuel as the calculation standard rose. Price raise of electricity price will be for 4 consecutive months.
Osaka Gas also expects gas prices in June to be about 5648 yen, which is about 51 yen higher than May for standard households. Price rise for 3 consecutive months.

NEWS Post Seven | Self Defense Force person Give warm meal to victims I drink cold retort

"People 106,650 people, 497 aircraft and 49 vessels are active". Nearly half of all 230,000 SDF personnel are being injected into the disaster area coming day after day (as of April 12). There is a feeling of altruism if you think that there was even "Self-Defense Force off" at the time of a disaster in the past, but that activity is never reported in detail. What kind of thoughts are they doing rescue and support activities now? Mr. Masayuki Kikuchi of the photo journalist who cooperated with the dispatching troops in various places immediately after the earthquake reports the true face of the SDF person in the disaster area.

Togetter - "Tsukuba City radiological examination request seems to be a musical piece report by mass communication"

A report was made that Tsukuba City requested radiation evacuation from evacuees from Fukushima.
A considerable person was hitting, but the fact seems to be somewhat different.
There must be anxiety, depression, or discrimination against the earthquake! I want to protect and become a friend of justice! Are you being unconsciously moved, do not reflect the spinal cord?
Tsukuba City accepted evacuees from Fukushima immediately after the earthquake disaster, and volunteers who are ten times more than those who evacuated were offering various assistance. Do you know these facts?
Do you know that it is not evacuees from Fukushima that claimed significance for radiological examinations, but other citizens?
Please check the source before hitting.
Looking at the situation where the misunderstanding and prejudice by the press spreads out, I am very sad, thinking of the hearts of Tsukuba citizens who have worked hard to accept and support evacuees

"Gasoline disappears in the event of disasters, under orders from seniors" Four arrested boys and girls who tried to steal gasoline - MSN Sankei News

According to the same division, the boys belong to the runaway group called "Transfer Spector", admitting the allegation that "Because the earthquake lost gasoline, it was said that seniors were stealing and instructions were absolute" .

Iodine is detected from breast milk and the future of Japan is Poppupon

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): classroom interference at Korean schools, convicted executives and others Kyoto District Court - Society

According to the ruling, Nishimura and others shook at the loudspeaker with "North Korean Spy Training Organization" etc. in the vicinity of the school in December 2009, and interfered with the lesson. The defendant claimed innocence as "it is within the freedom of speech guaranteed by the constitution".

"Lack of dignity" mayor's election, rule deviation / overheating: News: unified regional election 2011: regional election: election: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Besides, the supporter wrote in the blog of the candidate individuals slander other camps, leave it without deleting, or distribute a non-legal policy flyer pretending as "business card". "The embarrassment of many activities lacking in the dignity" (cadres executive) also rises from the inside.

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan, losses 140 billion yen Loss on financial products - Business · Economics

The securities did not clarify what kind of trading incurred a loss of 80 billion yen, but the Stock Exchange Oversight Committee is under investigation. The FSA receives reports on the survey results of the supervisory committee, and if there is a problem with the trading method and management system, we will also consider administrative punishment such as business improvement order.

International / 【Slideshow】 Battlefield photographer died in Libya, left picture / The Wall Street Journal, Japan Online Edition - WSJ.com

A Chinese woman was attacked in front of a friend during video chat Death = Canada 2011/04/21 (Thur) 11: 25: 05 [Searchina]

The victim was video chatting with a friend living in Beijing City until just before the death. According to a friend of men, a white male with an unidentified unexpectedly witnessed a sudden invasion into the victim's room, but video chat has expired at that point.
A friend of men subsequently reported to local police through a social network. When the police arrived at the scene a few hours later the victim died in a semi-naked state. The laptop computer used by the victim was gone, but there were no other things stolen and the cause of death was not known yet.

Miracious Three Focus Points Miraculous | Professor Stiglitz's Truth · Global Economy | Diamond Online

When I recently visited this tropical island with a population of 13 million people, I had the opportunity to see some of the leaps and bounds made by Mauritius. Some of these achievements are embarrassed when considering the controversy being done in the United States and elsewhere. For example, home ownership rate. American conservatives argue that the government's attempt to raise the owner's home rate to 70% has contributed to financial collapse, but Mauritius's ownership rate is 87%, and the housing bubble is now It is not done.

Mr. Schwarzenegger, candidate for President of the EU or 2 magazine news photographs international news: AFPBB News

There are rumors saying that they have signed a publication contract for autobiography or are discussing about sequel production of the movie "True Lies".

WOWOW changes the brand logo in October - to three channels of prime, live, and cinema - CNET Japan

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
NEWS Post Seven | Mr. Kenichi Ohmae "If you say the truth, you will not win in absolute election"

What is the lesson learned from that experience, unlike all the management world, correctness is different from the world of management, in the world of politics, if you do not win the real thing in absolute election, you must lie to win That means you can not. In Japan now, becoming a politician is to become a liar.

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Shipment stopped spinach, sold to 70 people Pal system co-op - society

On the 14th and 15th day, the co-op sold 70 people who sold the phone and postcard calling for disposal, but 36 bundles said that the buyer ate. Co-op contacted the prefecture, but the prefecture had not announced it as "the seller was specified."

Hebei Shimpo Tohoku news / old movie theater fear of destruction collapse "lonely" Kurihara

According to Masayuki Masayuki who runs the factory (60), the building was built as a public hall in 1927 and later became a movie theater. Closed in 1983, my father, Mr. Junichi, was renovated to a factory.
Mr. Yuri said, "I think that it was a fine-made movie theater, many people rarely took pictures, even after becoming a factory."

Fukushima number refusal, neglect at the classroom ... torment due to rumor damage: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Elementary school girls who evacuated from Minami-Soma city to Gunma prefecture were avoided from children of the class as "come from Fukushima Prefecture", or they were negatively talked to school failed.

Current affairs dot com: 9 products such as beer, sale temporary suspension = factory damaged, canned shortage - giraffe

Kirin Brewery announced on February 21 that it will temporarily suspend sales of 9 kinds of can products such as "Classic Lager" of the main brand and "Alc 0.00% of day of rest" on non-alcoholic beer-like drinks as soon as stocks run out. Because Sendai Factory (Sendai City) was damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the procurement of cans of materials was insufficient.
Products that temporarily suspend sales also include beers such as "Talei double", "Mature", "Dense flavor ". "Tanrei" and "day off" are expected to resume shipment around the middle of May, but the rest is unable to see the resumption time.

"There really is nobody" New Chitose International Line Building quiet: economic news: money · economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

"There really is no one." On the afternoon of 19th, the store manager of the toy store on the 3rd floor of the terminal where there was a departure spilled with a troubled expression. The departure flights on this day are only Dalian, China and Seoul flights. After 2 o'clock PM, if we depart both flights, the extent to which the staff of the building and the airport officials will come and go in the large lobby. The coffee shop next to the toy shop and the seafood shop opposite the shop finished early.

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): the Construction Council of the Ministry of Civil Affairs to Linear Construction "Proposal for Earthquake Resistance" - Society

Japan has been promoting development for many years, de facto go-ahead will be issued to the "dream super express" running up and running with electromagnetic force.
Linear earthquake resistance attracted attention as a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake, but in the draft report, in addition to keeping the floating state with electromagnetic force even if there was a power failure, it is hard to derail as it runs between the side walls, the maximum speed is 500 kilometers It is about 1.7 times that of the Shinkansen, but because the brake performance is also doubled, we declared that "we can confirm the safety of the earthquake" because it can decelerate rapidly.

Effects Kyushu Shinkansen ... Limited Express Reduction inconvenient Chikugo: Economic news: Money · Economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

The self-restraining mood of the Great East Japan Earthquake also affected, and the opening effect to the sightseeing spot to Fukuoka and Chikugo districts was not seen much. Also, as the number of express trains has decreased significantly, voices saying "It got inconvenient" are coming from towns along the street.

Cases where concurrent conventional lines become inconvenient by the opening of the Shinkansen can be seen in many others

It is something you learn by stealing and you learn it from one to ten You will not teach me greedy | Life Hack Channel 2
"What is OJT? Sharp opinions on education such as you, you do not have to do with appropriate manuals and curriculums?"

Yamazaki 'Spring Pan Festival' restarted Name changed to "White dishes present" campaign - Hatena bookmark news
Because the infrastructure was unstable due to the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the supply shortage of raw materials was concerned, temporary suspension was announced on March 18, but the name changed and it was restarted.

Personality is annoying, but one is lonely | Life Huck Channel 2

Childcare board browsing reading @ 2 ch I brought out the courage and listened to the girls for contacts for the first time after being born

Inside the bullet train bound for Tokyo to Hakata.

In the designated seat next to me who was mourning as a graduate student
A cute girl sat down from Shin - yokohama. It is already pounding.

When defeating the seat, "Suimasen" to the person behind
Knockout on a squirrel over. (Recently these people do not have much)
While looking at the major book while watching a major book I noticed while sleeping I fell asleep with a loud noise
When I woke up, the sound was that the child dropped the iPod.

Sorry to say "I am sorry about giving up" while I'm so excited.
Since it can be thought of as Nampa B, I started courageously and started talking about the world.

I do not have a girlfriend ... It is sudden that I met my age when I met her.

311 Tohoku Region Pacific Offshore Earthquake: Meaning that it can be recorded by having one digital camera: [Mi] like it!

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Child porn connection on the net, forced shut down starts: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

According to the National Police Agency, etc., the total number of contracted households is about 20 million households, occupancy rate is about 60%, with 9 major Internet connection providers (providers) participating. The remaining providers are said to have around 500 companies, mainly SMEs, and the agency, which has promoted blocking, how to increase participating companies is a future subject.
Participating companies are nine domestic companies such as NTT Communications and NEC Big Lobe. Block based on illegal site information from "Internet content safety association" (Tokyo) established through investment of net affiliates and others.

YouTube, all new videos are converted to WebM format, existing videos are also converted sequentially - INTERNET Watch

WebM is a format that uses Google's "On 2 Technologies" VP 8 "as a video codec, and Google aims to disseminate it with a royalty-free license.

Apple, 95% Increase, Record Highest in iPhone January-March Year Best - MSN Sankei News

Intel's surprising market surprised record high sales, emerging countries and corporate markets contributed JBpress (Japan Business Press)

It is said that 80% of computers around the world are equipped with the company's microprocessor, and its main business is for personal computers and servers.
Looking at sales in the January - March quarter, for PC, it was 8,621 million dollars, a 17% increase from one year ago. For data centers such as servers, sales rose 32%, to 2.464 billion dollars.

IOS, "Record all movements of users" turned out: Map display application also | WIRED VISION

IT / 【Blog】 iPhone knows everything ─ What is the hidden file you discovered / The Wall Street Journal, Japan Online Edition - WSJ.com

Two researchers have recently discovered hidden files that record when and where iPhone (iPhone) was Apple's smartphone (advanced mobile phone). The file is saved without being encrypted in default (initial state).

Mobage does not delete personal information - LazyLoadLife

President Obama speaks at Facebook's headquarters - The development of the Internet is a historical feat greater than lunar landing

President Obama told with a sense of humor that "rich people like Zuckerberg may pay more extra taxes". Semil Shah pointed out that if based on Facebook's recent company valuation of $ 70 billion ($ 70 billion), if Zuckerberg owns that 24 percent, his assets will be 168 It will be 100 million dollars (1.38 trillion yen). This is 9880 times the president Obama 's earnings earned last year of 1.7 million dollars (140 million yen).

300 wanted to become famous Share on "Share with ∀ Gundam" Uploading a man uploaded - ITmedia news

The man had uploaded about 300 pieces (28,000 files) including animation and manga. The man said he stated that he wanted to "become famous" for uploading "to stabilize download speed".

Publish the seminar "Corporate Web Strategy of Social Media Era" material: DESIGN IT! W / LOVE

Togetter - "Inase flame"

Home Appliances - Column - I went to Dyson's Singapore / Malaysia Plant! - Part 1 Open the secret of product making to Dyson's "design engineer"!

Approximately 400 design engineers are stationed in Dyson Malaysia visited this time, and the NPI base of the headquarters drops detailed parts such as details, parts, manufacturing method, cost and material of the product to the design and development of mass production model I will go forward.

Yajima mini review - SUNART "belly button cup" - home appliances Watch

As you look, you can make a belly eight raised bottom teacup

Livedoor Tech blog: every week Wednesday at Livedoor became no engineering day

At the Livedoor Development Department we have introduced a flex system for engineers
The core time is 11: 00-16: 00. And newly from last week
I tried introducing "no engineer day" and it worked quite well
I think that I want to introduce it as it seems to be said.

DNS server PrimDNS open source release notice | GREE Engineers' Blog

We are pleased to announce the original DNS server PrimDNS as open source. If you are interested, I'd love to try it.

Within Glee, DNS can be resolved for each server's name why nothing is done especially, and various other services are offered. The PrimDNS we released this time is based on what was originally used within Gree's infrastructure and arranged for general use.

【PC Watch】 NTT Datetronronics, Italy Olivetti notebook PC sold domestically ~ 4 products including 0.93 kg 10.1 type

CyberLink launches the latest version "PowerDVD 11" of video playback software enhanced cooperation with home network and social network

In "PowerDVD 11", you can transfer videos and images shot by iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone and slate PC to PC for viewing. In addition, contents recorded in television and recorder with media server function compatible with DLNA, videos and photos of Facebook · Flickr · YouTube can be displayed on "PowerDVD 11".

Solar battery charger (large capacity 3000 mAH · smartphone, iPhone, mobile phone, PSP, DS compatible) 700 - BTS 001 【Sanwa Direct】

Evernote and Keio University start a joint project for entrepreneurship and support for young people «Evernote Japanese version blog

In light of these circumstances, Evernote and KMD bring out the idea, creativity and development capabilities of young people, especially by using Evernote as a foundation for developing and realizing new services / applications I would like to. Also, by disseminating them from Japan to the world, we will support Japan's excellent creativity and manufacturing of global perspectives.

To support this, Evernote and KMD will set up a joint project and a project fund will be jointly invested by both parties for ongoing activities. As the first project, I hope to contribute to the creation of solutions that can be widely used in society, as well as world-class services by conducting service / application contests using Evernote.

Togetter - "Talk of current game engines and tools, as well as LGPL."

I also like Unity and UDK, but what about modern open source game engines?

Amazon.com Launches Library Lending Service for Kindle e-Book Year within Year - News: ITpro

Kindle users can not only borrow and read e-books at local libraries, but also enter highlights and annotations. By borrowing the same work again from the library or buying from the Amazon site with Amazon.com's own synchronization function "Whispersync", the contents that was written last time is displayed. It is not displayed when another user borrows the work and reads it.

2011 is the first year of SVG. Designer Attention to detail of the feature of image format "SVG" which is attracting great attention. | KAYAC DESIGNER'S BLOG - Talk of design and markup by the design department of kayak

Notice of "Nico Nico Donation" reception ended - Nico Nico Info

"Nikoniko donation" we have been implementing since the earthquake (March 13), but in the future we will emphasize the role of the original Nico Nico Douga as a forum for information dissemination and discussion on the net, Except for the service (* 1), we will close the reception of donation after holding 8:30 on Thursday, April 28 (Thursday).

How has the number of accesses of newspaper websites changed after the earthquake - notes of edgefirst

Asahi Shimbun who runs asahi.com to demonstrate the full power in the national newspaper. It seems that not only bulk publication of the news on the earthquake but also influences such as the use of Twitter and influx by the link from the Yahoo topics which was not seen so far have influenced. In addition, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun also seems to have succeeded in actively releasing information related to the earthquake disaster to pay the walls. The Mainichi Newspaper also increased by more than 150 million PV. Yomiuri and current affairs have also increased by about 100 million PV. Overall, it can be said that the demand for news on the web has greatly increased due to the earthquake.

Hatena Star Counter

The Hatena Star Counter is a service that provides counters that can display the number of Hatena Stards attached to your blog. Because it is the same design · color variation as "Hatena bookmark counter" which can display the number of Hatena bookmarks, you can use it without feeling uncomfortable with it.

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
【2ch】 New speed quality: 5pb. Will dissolve to AG-ONE affiliated with Dwango Absorption merger

I thought that if you thought that something doubtful was to partition Mikuribu

"Rurouni Kenshin" OVA / Movie version made Blu-ray for 3 consecutive months - AV Watch

Comic Natalie - Share my wife!? New series by Hiromu Mamiya "My daughter is his wife"

One day, Yamanouchi and Shimatani of mutual friends were fighting for women Miwa mutually loved. However, Yamauchi proposes to share Miwa with Shimetani and send married life.

Mr. Miyamoto: 3DS's new "Super Mario" is targeted for release within the year - Game * Spark

The preparation room of the rot / BL paper database plan was able to be done. - Rot Feminist - 801 Feminist Diary -

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Giant · Wakiya outfielder "I'm not falling balls, is not he saying that the TV is broken?" 2 Channel

139: Mr. Nameless @ Namida eyes. (Aichi): 04/21 (Thur), 06: 44: 58.79 ID: 3JBe05aH0
An appropriate answer example
"I thought that I was not desperate because I was desperate, I do not know because I do not see the VTR."

154: Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (Catv?): 2011/04/21 (Thursday) 06: 46: 41.34 ID: NlTgLEof 0
>> 139
TEPCO warrants

Major League Short wwwwwwwwww? Nico Nico VIP 2ch

VIPPER I: What do you think is the best masterpiece in the history of movie that yourself filmmakers choose?

Michael Jackson's Heritage Management Foundation and Heal the World Foundation Settled | Western Music News | RO 69 (Rock All) - Music Information Site of Rocking On

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
What is the nova "W4 (double for)" expected from the wakame world?? | Wakame Ramen | Ace coq Co., Ltd.
A handsome unit appeared for some reason from the staple product "Wakame Ramen" by Ace cook.

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