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NTT DoCoMo's first domestic Android 3.0 tabletTo release "Optimus Pad L-06C" nationwide from March 31Announced.

"Optimus Pad L-06C" features 1 GHz Tegra 2 processor, approximately 8.9 inches (1280 x 768) IPS liquid crystal, two 5 million pixel cameras that can take 3D photos, speakers that can enjoy stereo sound even in landscape orientation powered by. By providing a large capacity battery of 6400 mAh, long time driving is realized.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Using about 23,000 pieces of Lego, a table assembled by manual work that is distracting - GIGAZINE

Developers talk about Hollywood version pilot picture "GAIKING" making story that was made over 2 years, when animation and live-action photography reached a level difficult to distinguish - GIGAZINE

SOFTBANK MOBILE, official announcement of Android smart phone "HTC Desire (X06HT)" - GIGAZINE
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This ... I'm in suibushi ... ...? On Twitpic

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: 【With image】 Store name is Zubari "JK" What is the actual condition of active high school girl cafe? - Livedoor blog

I cried for a while on Twitpic

Ecological AA was able to be wwwwwwwwww: Wataratanikki

Temporary housing resentment gets mad at places that were swallowed by terrible tsunamis

【East Japan great earthquake】 YouTube movie to talk about in posterity | Picredy news 2 chan

A girl who got spooked on a mobile manual - Golden Times

Tin Tin type sweets are very popular in Taiwan! School girls and girls are also curious: Wataratanikki

Odorantly a vicious point Akane of Ranma 1/2 is a feces woman?

【Madoka ☆ Magica】 Mr. Mami "Friends with Maho's words ... This is it!": Gimetto

The one with the most slaughtest experience of my superb jackpot experience, winning work Mono news: life VIP craftsman blog www
"Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, younger brothers) have gone away" unnoticed. "" One student disappeared when studying with a friend at school with a friend at elementary school students' summer vacation, "etc.

[Blog] Killing the blog with new speed [Image] The waves were transferred to the roof of an elementary school 1 km away without permission. Only the 2nd floor

Big cuts "Recently Black Sander seems to be doing what he seems to be doing": Wataratanikki

Togetter - "The case where the author of Yuuko Eji (temporary) was Moga Moga Moga"

【42 pictures】 Alright rest! I will become an image that can kana

AU has contract with QB wwwwwwww on Twitpic

I've caught a voyeur assault but a slow speed

Nikoniko VIP 2 ch, a bookstore member drips memories of shoplifters

VIPPER like me: things that tend to be in Akihabara

Earthquake Disaster - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

Furthermore, due to bad luck, there was a catastrophe remaining in Japanese history, a Tohoku district Pacific offshore earthquake occurred on March 11, the day before the earthquake this time. Therefore, at the time in the Japan Meteorological Agency, since all efforts were directed toward the Tohoku district, concerned parties will be overwhelmed by the strong quake in Okaura, 300 kilometers away. Nevertheless, it is the same in many citizens, and even in NHK which reported the most urgent earthquake early warning in this earthquake in detail, the first episode reported that the epicenter was in the northern shinetsu far away rather than northeast The way announcers are surprised is being broadcast all over the country.

However, what happened the day after the Tohoku Region Pacific Offshore Earthquake, which is a major catastrophe remaining in world history, will decide the future of the event. Immediately after the Great Earthquake occurred, the Japan Meteorological Agency instantaneously positioned this earthquake as related to the big earthquake of eastern Japan, arbitrarily challenging the theory that it was with the Pacific plate, occurred in the Tohoku district It is classified as an earthquake that occurred by the same mechanism as a series of earthquakes. After the television touched the whole country nationwide, actually, different mechanisms and epicenter areas are different, and they announced secretly that there is no direct relationship. No one has heard. As a result, despite being a ridiculous catastrophe to be seen individually, the situation is formed that is nothing more than a country's support as if it were none.

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant: Analysis of Tokyo Electric Boat "Sadahiko Earthquake" Disregarded Analysis - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)
"The shake of the same scale as the Sadahiko earthquake was supposed to be", but this time the accident is "unexpected tsunami", is not it making too much assumption

Painful news (No ∀ `): Even if I do not emigrate to the ordinary radiation exposure limit by 20 times this is OK ... Proposal by the International Committee - Livedoor blog

56: Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region): 2011/03/26 (Sat) 19: 38: 49.10 ID: R479VxvKO
Ola's body is not good

62: Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (Aomori Prefecture): March 26th, 2011 (Sat) 19: 39: 10.94 ID: T9Ve1G8w0
Isolation of Japanese wwwwwwwww

65: Mr. Nameless @ Namida eyes. (Tokyo): March 26th, 2011 (Sat) 19: 39: 19.77 ID: J32oaUtnP
Have we evolved 20 times!

67: Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (Unknown softbank): 2011/03/26 (Sat) 19: 39: 30.35 ID: Yzmi / 96r0
Adjust the reference to the radiation dose (Kiri

68: Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (Tibet Autonomous Region): 2011/03/26 (Sat) 19: 39: 34.31 ID: 8gtO5GBi0
It's strange, thinking in common sense

75: Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (Gunma): 2011/03/26 (Sat) 19: 39: 47.11 ID: IZKtNjQC0
It is Japanese who cheat on this

Those who are in a simple bath in a disaster area are not just people even though they look like: Gaha Rolling News ヽ (· ω ·) / Zucol

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Homeopathy officials trying to scatter remedies and sunflower seeds and hoaxes in the fields around the nuclear plant - Not so open-minded that our brains drop out.

It is clear that the effectiveness of removing sunflower radioactive material in soil is not clear and it can be seen that it is not recommended as a countermeasure against contamination at the present time.

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Kobayashi Kyoko's English media watch: Voice of nuclear accident workers at "Fukushima 50" to Sunday Telegraph

Excluding the respiratory mask, the workers wore had an orange boiler suit. After 26 hours of work, I was taken to a resting place and underwent an examination. Clothes were bathed in radioactivity, so they were confiscated. Washed the body, tested radiation irradiation. "It was not completely cleared, but it was released because it was okay," Fukudome said. "I think that I am okay - clothes are polluted, I think my body is okay."

Mayor of Tokyo Nagata Shujiro, a speech after the Great Kanto Earthquake "Tell the citizens" | Kousyoublog

We can not forget the pain suffered by the earthquake fire last September. If you lost your parents and brothers and wife and children, burned down house property and crossed the river, the bridge was burned down, if you walked down the street the width of the street was narrow and crowded with no movement, so I came across a lot of difficulties It is. Whatever effort we do, I do not want to have such a painful eye again. Whatever you do with our descendants, I do not want to suffer like us. In order to do this, we must expand the road bridges at least in this case, create fire protection zones, and arrange the street blocks.

If in the unlikely we would like to take care of trivial things just before today, if we leave the townscape and the road as it is, we will have killed 100,000 fellows at all. Everything we do, at this time, we must turn the disaster into blessings and we must devise a way to not suffer this disaster again, this is the obvious responsibility of our citizens who survived this time. It is our obligation for future generations descendants.

A company can not be managed by a good person - "Light and shadow of UNIQLO Empire": Agora - Livedoor blog

In contrast, President Tadashi Yanai of FAST RETAILING, covered in detail by this book, is a thorough dictator. The decision is made by the president top-down, and the division chief whose performance does not rise is abused in the presence of his subordinates. Even Mr. Tamatsuka, the former president of Mr. Yanai who appointed him as the successor, should dismiss if he does not ask what to say. As a result, most of the executive officers will mentally become frustrating and quit.

Working conditions are also harsh. Since wages are performance-based, store managers also have an annual income of 2.5 million yen in stores with poor sales. That's why hourly wages are worse than part-time jobs at McDonald's when working for more than 10 hours a day, on holidays and 300 hours a month. Many sales clerks quit their bodies with long hours of work and say that they do not have 5 years.

Call for countermeasures against rain in the water purification plant NHK News

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): companies, self-restraint to follow New product postponement, Michelin guide also - Business and economy (1/2 pages)

"Shimamura" is awesome for helping afflicted areas! Working Mono News: Life VIP craftsman blog www

> Sales Second place in domestic,
> 8th largest clothing chain in the world

I was shocked by everything.

Taro Kono official website | Opacity over nuclear power

TEPCO presumed the height of the tsunami based on the guidelines issued by the Japan Society of Civil Engineers but said the tsunami greatly exceeded that assumption. However, this paper says that 'Third party' is doubtful, because the electric company and its people dominate the Tsunami evaluation committee of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers that formulated guidelines.

I went to the afflicted area as medical staff. It was a short while but it was a valuable experience. - JKTS
Actual state of the tremendous earthquake disasters not being reported on general media.

【Radioactivity Leakage】 "Unpredictable" "Shutdown Unsatisfactory" Government's Ambiguous Description, Inflating Anxiety + (1/3 Page) - MSN Sankei News

Professor Hirota Takahiro of Tokyo Women's University (Disaster / Risk Psychology) said the government's announcement so far "The Japanese are seeing carefully the words so as not to cause confusion." Something behind The imagination that "I hide it" will work. "

【Radioactivity Leakage】 66% of Koreans criticize Japan's agricultural and marine product shunk housewife 80% early correspondence also slightly less than 40% - MSN Sankei News

After the accident, the Korean government announced that there was almost no effect of radioactive substances on South Korea and it was "safe", but 94.1% answered "not safe" and did not believe in government announcement.

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Harsh labor anymore, the parents are unknown ... TEPCO employees of Nuclear Power Company E-mail - East Japan great earthquake disaster

Now it is time to plan smart grid in Japan No progress in blackout: Nikkei newspaper

Automatic power transmission and distribution automation is progressing, but the area around the power meter on the demand side is lagging behind the distribution network in Europe and the United States. For this reason, it is difficult to precisely control the supply and demand while accurately grasping the power demand in real time. It is now the situation that avoids accidental blackouts by hurriedly causing intentional blackouts (planned blackouts) when the peak of electricity demand is likely to exceed supply capacity.

Old nuclear plant whose pressure vessel was destroyed | WIRED VISION

In February 2002 we stopped driving for refueling, at the Davis · Besse nuclear power plant in Ohio state in the state of USA, there was a hole of 15 × 13 cm in the pressure vessel top cover of the nuclear reactor, [In February 2004] staff found out. Boric acid contained in the core cooling water leaked and corroded about 32 kilograms of iron. Stainless steel lining of only 1 cm thick barely prevented nuclear reactor rupture, but if this was broken, it may have been an unprecedented accident in the US nuclear history beyond Three Mile Island.

TEPCO president, almost insomnia insecure, in case of countermeasures, found out that I felt sick and took medical treatment by a doctor: hamster bulletin

Earthquake meltdown on the day of earthquake Disasters until half a day until first aid - 47 NEWS (Yenana News)

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency had forecasted "core melting" within three hours with respect to TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident on the evening of the 11th Earthquake disaster day on 27th. Also on the following 12th, policies to detect radioactive iodine and high levels of radiation and to take emergency measures to lower the reactor pressure were decided, but it took half a day to realize. It turned out with government documents and stories from several government officials.

"I got tired of" points "86.5% Is it due to the miserable service - investigating eye share - japan.internet.com

Eastern Japan great earthquake Disaster washing rush order Rushing Wakayama processing plant full operation - SankeiBiz (Sankei Biz)

Dream fast breeder reactor "Monju" Fuel stick could not be taken out and responsible person committed suicide, did you know? : 【2ch】 Copiepe information station

Everyone's hero Monju Chan (Reprinted from physical board)

3.3 Tons of iron scraps (exchanging devices) dropped into the nuclear reactor and it was found that collection was impossible
Fuel rod replacement method cut off
Inactive state and control rod steady enough to keep it cold
Fuel is much more critical than Fukushima with high concentration of plutonium
Plutonium prevents criticality Control rods are hard to work and temperature is prone to unevenness
Amount of plutonium is at least 100 times that of Nagasaki Atomic Bomb
It is in the middle of Honshu in Fukui Prefecture, but it was found right after the construction that it is right above the earthquake plate
Pipe is complicated due to the structure of fast breeder reactor, fluctuates, it is structurally weak to earthquake
No matter how much strengthened the earthquake resistance, the current technology can not prevent Yuzusyu of the earthquake itself
When it slowly slows down, a huge iron scrap in the furnace slowly slows down, and fuel rod breakage also
I found that the camera looking inside broke down and was unrepairable
A large explosion occurs when the cooling system is liquefied sodium and contact with water or air
Almost all the cooling methods that are done in Fukushima can not be done as it is now, on the contrary it becomes an explosive fire
Person in charge suicide
Up to now, more than 2.4 trillion yen is spent, and annual maintenance cost alone costs 50 billion yen, so far the generated electricity is 0
From the quality and quantity of fuel, Cherino Buri and Hiroshima Nagasaki do not seem to be the most powerful things in human history
The radius 300 km is ...

【East Japan great earthquake disaster】 PR - MSN Sankei news that she contributed to support earthquake by Sea Shepherd whaling hindrance

Anti-whaling organizations in the United States, Sea of ​​the United States, who cut back the whaling prospects of the Antarctic Ocean a month earlier and returned to the port, returned to Japan, for the Japanese fleet mother ship "Nisshin Maru" (8044 tons), which was a relief goods ship of the Great East Japan Earthquake · Shepard (SS) issued a statement to appeal that "our efforts have produced support for quake victims" on 25th.

TEPCO reveals the serious situation of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant - It is still not nominated at the vice president's interview ... - Information Circulation Promotion Plan by Yame journalist lawyer (Yame mosquito)

● In order to stop at low temperature, it is not enough to just add water to the furnace and you have to move the heat exchanger (radiator in the case of a car), but there is little hands on restoration of that part.

● For Units 1 and 3, it is probably because the radiator part is broken, so you have to prepare separately, but for that you can not work without reducing the radiation dose.

● To lower the radiation dose, it is necessary to immerse the fuel completely in the water by the current water injection (It is obvious that this is not an easy task.)

● Therefore, the recovery time should be in units of several months

● In the meantime, there is no choice but to put water in the furnace, so there is a possibility that the pressure inside the furnace may rise, so venting (discharge of the atmosphere inside the furnace containing the radioactive substance) is expected in the future

However, because the number of times and the scale can not be predicted, such information is not reported to the government (→ I do not think there is probably a scientific basis in the evacuation range of 20 km)

What is happening at Unit 3 of the State Department that has decided "evacuation recommendation" with the latest information on "Fukushima nuclear power plant" unique information | Takao Shikawa "Deep in News" | Contemporary Business [Kodansha]

The Japanese and US governments kept in close contact from the occurrence of a massive earthquake and tsunami on the 11th afternoon, and after the explosion of hydrogen in Unit 3 on the morning of the 14th, the reactor coolant function of Unit 2 was lost, the Unit 4 building The Japanese government explained that they shared information on serious disaster situations such as fire. However, since Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano confirmed at the press conference that the reactor containment vessel of Unit 3 was damaged and the steam could be leaked, it is remarkable in correspondence of the US government and major international media reports Changes have come to be seen. why.

The US Department of State's "evacuation recommendation" was announced in the early 17th in Japan time where the time difference with the eastern United States time is 13 hours. As CNN TV reported "partial meltdown" (partial core melting), Unit 3 of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant faced an "abnormal situation", the US government said on Thursday the 15th of the previous day ) To acquire its own information and data. The US side admits that the global hawk (unmanned reconnaissance aircraft) equipped with high-performance cameras and infrared sensors to be deployed at Guam 's Andersen Air Force Base was introduced to Japan.

That is not all. The author expanded the state-of-the-art electronic spyware RC-135U (Combat St.) deployed at the base of Okinawa · Kadena in Japan to over the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and measured radiation dose and shoot damage situation of nuclear power plant etc I am getting the information.

"Journalism of the afflicted area" recorded by the first editorial member of the Hebei Shimbun that makes newspapers in aftershocks | Japan's bottom power | Contemporary business [Kodansha]

There is no electricity! Summer, a powerful blackout that plunges into energy panic is a big mess in the metropolitan area! However, further nightmare is approaching there immediately | Economic blind spot | Contemporary business [Kodansha]

"The daily life of modern people is dependent on electricity.I doubt that we can endure that all household electric appliances in the house can not be used.In addition, it will be in a state of being opened all the time in an auto lock type apartment and safety is threatened In a condominium with a reservoir tank, water is sent to each door by a motor, so it gets out of water.In addition, hospitals basically have private power generating equipment, but those who are at home are treated with oxygen inhalers etc. It will be useless, so it will involve human life. "

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant: Analysis of Tokyo Electric Boat "Sadahiko Earthquake" Disregarded Analysis - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

TOKYO - Muto Sakae vice president Vice President Makoto Takafuji said on Tuesday, "We did not assume the tsunami caused by the interlocking earthquake" "(the opinion on the Saga Earthquake was not determined)." To respond to TEPCO, Mr. Okamura said, "If it is a nuclear power plant, we should consider any risks. Although we pointed out that much, no new investigation results came out, it is an excuse to make it unexpected. There is nothing. "

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Sumikin, Toden Electricity Supply Resume Power Generation Resumption, Equivalent to Ibaraki Prefecture Full Households - Business and Economy

Sumitomo Metal Industries announced on the 26th that the operation of the company's coal-fired power plant in the premises of the Kashima Steel Works (Kashima-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture) was resumed. We supply all 475 thousand kilowatts generated by TEPCO. The amount of power generation is said to be able to cover the electricity demand of all households in Ibaraki prefecture.

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Four stages of life - Cask Strength

You had better break up with a cheap woman. | Life Hack Channel 2

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Pain new breaking! : 【Net】 Complete "Negapo Dictionary" mobile phone software to convert words of "entertainment" and → "good at hand" and convert "backwards" forward

I will visit the cloud industry again (2) Does Japan kneel down before the Amazon? Ryoji Koike "Silicon Valley · Innovation" | Contemporary Business [Kodansha]

Recently I heard the word "cloud ecosystem" in Silicon Valley. This buzzword is a prompt to promote cloud computing standards development and comprehensive operability. However, it is a story of the construction. Behind them are the implications of "Amazon's surrounding net" that can stop Amazon Webservices (hereinafter: Amazon), which runs alone in the public cloud.

"Service to create virtual her on SNS" launched in the US - Slashdot Japan

While regrettingly keeping the fair feeling while registering the e-mail address at once, invite at least seven friends using Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. If you invite more, I will be able to do it! "So it came out for the first time in a long time, let's go to the rooftop.

Commentary: Change to be accepted by us living "3.11 or later" - CNET Japan

The author himself still uses NTT DoCoMo 's mova, which is terminated in March 2012. I also experienced that it was possible for a call to be made even in the area where FOMA is out of service, whether the fact that there are only 2.9% of the docomo subscribers led to good communication conditions. NTT DoCoMo is promoting migration to FOMA while using the term "wind-up", but as a result it is possible to cast a single stone in the future transition of mova users from the viewpoint of the good connection status of emergency calls There is also sex.

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Facebook and others formed "Open Networking Foundation" to realize new networking technology - Publickey

If Software - Defined Networking is realized, all networks can be controlled from software without setting each router or switch individually. Moreover, it is possible to change the route dynamically according to the state of traffic and the place of operation of the instance. With Software-Defined Networking, the meaning of "building a network" is also changing.

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If romance of Nishiura High School girls manager Chiyo Shinooka was fulfilled, "Okiku Furikaba" - a futile story
Preference of Abe is a beautiful child of the skin

Notice from Higashi Honganji | Announcement of legal requirements / events | Higashi Honganji

The folding screen "Shinran" drawn by manga artist Takehiko Inoue is completed!

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): 1 jump, 100 smiles bookstore of Sendai 'Good to Read' - Society

"Shonen Jump 3/19 Release 16 can be read !! There is only one book." When Mr. Shiokawa took a post on the shop, the information spread in word of mouth. Some kids came to read by bicycle from home 10 kilometers away, sometimes waiting for turns.

Current affairs dot com: 6 cartoon magazines, free on the net = difficult to distribute Kodansha

As an emergency measure following the Great East Japan Earthquake, Kodansha has set a policy to free 6 comic strips such as "Weekly Shonen Magazine" online. Naomi Nomama, vice president, announced on Monday that it will interview newsletters.
Other than "Young Magazine" "Morning" "Evening" "Be Love" "Kiss" to free delivery. For the comic work part excluding advertisement, we will decide subject matter and delivery period etc within the next week. "I want to deliver what I could not deliver properly to affected areas," said the vice president. For readers who want to read on paper, we will also prepare for back number sales.
Shueisha is also delivering "Weekly Shonen Jump" 14th release number from the 23rd free on the net.

Book worms: Why do you publish cartoon magazines for free

If distribution has been delayed due to the earthquake and if you have not read cartoon magazines for several weeks or a couple of months now, the majority of former readers will stop reading comic books. Perhaps this is what publishers are afraid of.

Even though I usually browse, I will lose some money as long as I read it. But from those who do not read it, no money falls.

Eroge "Golden Age Princess" was found: 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')

Reading game tray 19 years old, growing and the skirt can not be seen through ,,,,,,,,!
Some fans may not be pleased with the growth obediently

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Kinshasano Kiseki retires
In 2010, I won the Takamatsu-shrine memorial of 2011. Future stallion will be stallion at stallion station

Whether you can win, even if there is, it is a one - to - one. - Your Highness Office 2.0 β1
Viktor Pisa and Transcend who went from Japan at the Dubai World Cup gained 1-2 finish, Buena Vista won 8

"Kanpachi" The final lesson is for the audience rating of 19.7%, the moment maximum is 27.6% (Takeda Tetsuya) News - ORICON STYLE -

【2ch】 New speed quality: Pattern that DASH village was contaminated with high concentration radioactive material

Skyline (Skyline - Conquest -) - NO ZOMBIE, NO LIFE

Evaluation is divided into two in the home country.
Powerful images! This is amazing!
Does it cost me money? Do it firmly!
It seems that the voice is rising.
Certainly I can tell which part.
It is subtle to compare with the trailer of "World invasion: Los Angeles decisive battle", but CG video of this work is certainly amazing.

"Skyline - Conquest -"Released on June 18. Since" World invasion: Los Angeles decisive battle "is scheduled to be released on April 1, it is postponed in October, so I'd like to have a look at the" skyline "and enjoy it first

There is no giant stadium! Tokyo D not available, Nagoya D is an AKB handshake party - Sponichi Annex baseball

At that time, what did the entertainers say? - Clear skies of Tennis
How did the performers including sandwich man suffered in Kesennuma behave when they entered the radio after the earthquake

Togetter - "Tomohiro Machiyama's Movie Hundred Association"
I answer that the title of the movie will be reputed from within only a few hints of winklishnessTomohiro MachiyamaAmazing

Why are you smiling at all! Has it changed? - Footprint of lid of yoghurt

But now, it's not funny! Do you know that it is changing. Changing, if you put it in a good way of saying (It's fitting the times! Naturally there will be pros and cons for that change. This time, such a laugh! I think that I will write about the change of

Japanese horse wins championship race in Dubai NHK News

Japan's Viktor Pisa won the first race in Japan as a racehorse on 26th at the horse race's G I "Dubai World Cup" where the winning prize is the world's best about 490 million yen.

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