KDDI is "tethering" as a trademark application for "dedication", and the phrase "designing smartphone"

Japan's first WiMAX compliant Android smartphone "Htc EVO WiMAX ISW 11HT", The function to connect a personal computer or the like via the mobile phone terminal to the Internet"TetheringAlthough attention is gathering attention, KDDI is "DessingIt was revealed that we filed a trademark application for the word "

Details are as below.
WEB site managed by Independent Administrative Institution Industrial Property Information · Training Center "Electronic library"According to the trademark search of KDDI on February 21, 2011, he said that he filed a trademark application for the word" designing ".

This is the details. It is said to be content related to telecommunications.

By the way, the word "tethering" is registered as a trademark used in the field of medicine, cosmetics, etc. by a company named Senesis Pharmaceuticals Incorporated in August 2003.

KDDI is also applying for trademarks such as "Wi-Fi designing", "designing mobile", "designing smartphone" besides "designing". Technique for intentionally adding noise · Task "Dancing (dithering)Although it says, it seems that "designing" refers to "tethering" because it is combined with words such as "Wi - Fi".

Why on earth did you file a trademark application for what reason?

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KDDI who filed a trademark for "designing", also apparently applied for "tethering" - GIGAZINE

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