"Mono Toshi" that you can download free movies from more than 30 sites such as Nico Nico Douga and YouTube

Just by entering the address, you can easily download movies in MPEG 4 / FLV / DivX format, and services that also make high-quality HD movie downloads are "Monotoshi"is. Since it also corresponds to bookmarklets, you can use it quickly when you think "I want this!"

Supported sites are YouTube · Nico Nico video (with economy aversion) · Parasued (with comment) · Come comment movie (with comment) · zoome · Ameba Vision · Veoh · Dailymotion · DONOGO · Vimeo · GUBA · MySpace video · MetaCafe · YourFileHost · VnTube · 6. cn · sevenload · Tube 8 · XVIDEOS · FC 2 movie · AdultSatellites · Stagevu · Jokeroo · xHamster · Megaporn · MEGAVIDEO · B 9 · Pandora · TV · SayMove! (With comment) · Sunflower movie (with comment) · Momoiro Movie (with comment) · Animenia (with comment) · moveeen (with comment) · Talk movie (with comment) · Back Aggregate · TwitCasting.

The usage is as follows.
Mono Toshi - Movie download preservation service

This time using InternetExplorer, "Nico Nico Douga"The King's LionTo try it with. Copy the address, paste it in the entry field, and click "Oto".

Then it becomes like this, right click on the file link you want to download and click "Save target to file" OK. If you get "403 Forbidden" error, please click "Play movie once" and try again, you will be able to download smoothly.

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