Numerals related to Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake (East Japan great earthquake)

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Tohoku district Pacific offshore earthquake, Japan suffered major damage mainly in the Tohoku region and the Kanto region. There are still more than 10,000 missing people still, and huge money is needed for reconstruction.

Here is a summary of numbers related to the Tohoku Region Pacific Offshore Earthquake. You can understand how intense the earthquake was even with the numbers alone, such as the number of dead in this earthquake and the amount of money needed for recovery.

Details are as below.Rebuilding Japan: By the numbers - The Week

The three disasters that occurred in Japan, such as the earthquake, the tsunami, and the nuclear accident, had a great influence on the lives of people, but here we will look at various matters necessary for the reconstruction of Japan from the perspective of numbers. All data are as of March 22.

◆ Money

Last week's Nikkei average price plummeted by 10%.

· $ 1.2 billion (about 97 billion yen)
The insurance company "Swiss reinsurance" headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland estimates that it will cost about 97 billion yen to pay insurance money.

· $ 4.9 billion (about 400 billion yen)
The total amount of life insurance claims due to disasters amounts to approximately 400 billion yen.

· $ 12 billion (about 9700 billion yen)
According to estimates by the World Bank, the amount of treasury funds necessary from the current budget of Japan is about 97 billion yen. More will be needed later.

· $ 33 billion (about 2.7 trillion yen)
According to the World Bank, the amount the private insurance company must pay is about 2.67 trillion yen.

· 100 billion dollars (about 8 trillion yen)
The amount of money that it took to restore from the Great Hanshin - Awaji earthquake that occurred in 1995 is about 8 trillion yen.

· $ 235 billion (about 19 trillion yen)
World BankEstimates that it will cost about 19 trillion yen to rebuild Japan.

· 247 billion dollars (about 20 trillion yen)
Kaoru Yosano, Minister for Economic and Fiscal Policy, estimates that it will cost about 20 trillion yen to rebuild Japan.

· $ 339 billion (about 32 trillion yen)
The amount of life insurance purchased in Japan in 2009 accounts for 17% of the world.

· 1 trillion dollars (about 81 trillion yen)
JapaneseForeign exchange reservesIs about 81 trillion yen.

A person

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· 9080
The official number of deaths due to disasters is 9080 people.

· 15,561
The number of missing people is 1,3561 people.

The number of people who lost their homes due to the earthquake was 390 thousand people.

· 9 million
By estimation, there are 9 million people who lost their homes at the end of World War II.



1 year
According to Tsukiji staff, it seems that it will take at least one year before the Tsukiji Central Market is restored.

· 70%
Tourists to Tsukiji after the earthquake declined to 70% before that. The restaurants and markets are closed, and the sales of seafood are also decreasing.

· 544,000
The annual amount of seafood handled in the Tsukiji central market in Tokyo is the world's largest with 544,000 tons.

· 5.4 billion dollars (about 440 billion yen)
The total amount of all seafood dealt with in the Tsukiji central market is about 440 billion yen.

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