Connection to Disaster Message Board Service Dedicated Free Application for iPhone "Disaster Message Board"

Application dedicated to connection to disaster message board service provided by SOFTBANK MOBILE "Disaster Message Board"Was released urgently. When large-scale disasters such as earthquakes with a seismic intensity of 6 or less occur, you can register, confirm, delete deletion information, and send a message to the disaster message board for the e-mail address of a friend or family you set in advance It is possible to automatically send that registration has been done.

Download from below.
Disaster message board for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad found in iTunes App Store

Screen immediately after startup

The options are "Safe", "I am at home", "There is damage," "I am in a shelter"

Comment input is also possible


Please be aware that it can not be used on Wi-Fi because it is necessary to connect to the disaster message board service provided by SOFTBANK MOBILE, and it can only be used via 3G.

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