A city where red sand and cave residences like the city of Mars are seen, Coober Pedy

It seems that scenery like another planet is spreading in Coober Pedy out of South Australia's backyard.

Coober Pedy is located 846 km north of Adelaide in South Australia, and several hundred kilometers from the nearest settlement. In the survey of 2006, it is a small village with a population of 1916 people, but it is the largest opal producing place in the world, and it is known as "opal capital of the world". The scenery was like reminiscent of the landscape of Mars appearing in the movie.

The strange landscape of Coober Pedy is from below.The Craziest Town on the Planet?

Building of mysterious shape and wilderness of red sand reminiscent of Mars scenery appearing in SF movie.

Although it says "Aboriginal art", I also feel the atmosphere like slums that appear in science fiction movies.

There are many opal mines in Cooper Pedy, and there are cave-shaped houses drilled in the basement in the surrounding area.

Is this also Junk Art, the trees in the background are also magical atmosphere.

Whether it is a junk shop, "MOON ROCKS FOR SALE" (the moon's stone is sold) "The suspicion that can not be said at all.

It is a realistic house, but in the summer of Coober Pedy it seems to be necessary to set up a house in the cave because the temperature is so hot that the temperature exceeds 40 degrees. It is possible to dig a hole at the same cost as building a house on the ground.

It seems to dig a hole with this, is it true?

In a cave-type dwelling, the temperature is stable around 22 degrees, and it seems that a church exists like this in the basement.

Coober Pedy is currently a popular tourist attraction, the surrounding area is "Mad Max / Thunderdome"Or"Priscilla","Pitch · BlackIt seems to be also a filming place for movies such as.

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