Photographs of light artist "Light graffiti" which light lines draw human beings and various shapes Various

It is a photograph of the art "light graffiti" which performs various exposure shapes by moving the light source during the long exposure shooting. Various photographs are taken, such as shaping the car by light and drawing stick figures.

Details are as below.
25 Beautiful Examples of Light Graffiti Art

Hitchhikes of light


A light stick sleeping in a double bed colored with light


Like science fiction movies, it is caught by light wires


Light stick human and seesaw.

ByMikeleary 83

It seems that this was taken at 7 minutes and 30 seconds of shutter speed.


A couple of lights


Is this being a marriage?

Light houseplant


A band of light that lasts forever


Fire hydrant with face

ByDarksamus 23

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