A surprisingly indifferent grandchild's movie in a grandpa's dance with soul

A mature man who dances enthusiastic dance with unexpectedly tight movements in Turkish dance music. Two men who seems to be grandchildren are unresponsive from beginning to end for a man who appeals even in front of us. I wonder if there is something that will sooner or later get caught in the amazing temperature difference, if you look at it, you can not say anything.

Playback is from the following.YouTube - APACI DANSI - HASAN BABA

A man who can show imaginable movements as quickly as possible from the shape of a person who is stupid and tummy.

Even for a brilliant turn, the two infants who seem to be grandchildren are unresponsive.

An infant who looks back at the photographer and smiles bitterly as it says "Please stop it from going down."

In ordinary dance move, it is impatient to not grasp the infant 's heart, Grandpa who plays on betting in big trophies skipping shoes.

Still my grandchildren are unresponsive.

Also striking a desperate appeal such as stroking the head, straddling overhead overhead ... ...

Cool grandchildren until the end.

It seems to be prevalent in Turkey to post videos dancing on this unique dance music "Apaci Dansi" (also spells like "Apache Dansi" and "Apachi Dans") on a video sharing site, so on YouTube etc. When you search, you can see many other dancing people.

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