Various forms of ozu and various prizes of "Kamen Rider" and "Super Sentai" gathered by Red RED

"Kamen Rider Oze"Can be transformed into a number of forms by combining three medals, but in addition to the basic 5 forms in the prize, various forms were three-dimensionalized.

Also, since the beginning of the broadcast from February 2011 "Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger"Can be borrowed from the success of Super Sentai, past soldier heroes have appeared in prizes.

By saying that,AOU 2011And the prize of Masked Rider and Super Sentai related at the 23rd prize fair held at the same time from the following.
"Masked Rider Series World Collectable Figure vol.1", Masked Rider Oze - Tataka Combo

Kamen Rider O Os Ratlarter Combo

Kamen Rider W Heat Metal

Masked Rider Oz · Gutakiriba Combo

Masked Rider W · Cyclone Joker

Masked Rider W · Luna Trigger

Kamen Rider Kuuga

Kamen Rider Kabuto

From here "Masked Rider Series World Collectable Figure vol.2". Kamen Rider Oz Sago Combo

One of Greedes appearing in Kamen Rider OOs,Ankh.

Kamen Rider O O'sRide bender

Kamen Rider Axel (Kamen Rider W)

Masked Rider Joker (Masked Rider W)

Masked Rider Agito

Kamen Rider Kiva

Kamen Rider Decade

"Masked Rider Series World Collectable Figure" is further planned to be expanded to vol.3, vol.4, vol.5.

"Masked Rider Oze DX Soft Vinyl Figure 5 In Blister" All 2 kinds

Masked Rider Oz · Takariba. Not a TV series but a movie "Masked Rider x Kamen Rider OO & Double feat. Skull MOVIE Wars COREIt appeared in.

Masked Rider Oz Sago Combo. The characteristic of Oz is that combinations of three medals can demonstrate the power that the head, upper body, lower body are made motifs of various animals, etc. These two kinds have common parts where the upper body is gorilla.

"Masked Rider Oze DX High Quality Figure"

Oz · Tataka Combo

"Masked Rider Oze DX Soft Vinyl Figure 6 In Blister" All 2 types, Masked Rider Bath

Kamen Rider O Os Ratliso. It is a form that is not posted on the official website as it has transformed from Ratlaso to Rutlater Combo at once in this volume.

"Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger DX Soft Vinyl Figure In Blister"

"Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Big Figure Key Ring - All Red ~ vol. 1", "Gogai Red" from "Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger"

"Baitou Sentai Gao Ranger" Gao Red

"The Sun Temple sambarcan" Bal Eagle

"Tokusatsu Sentai Decalanger" Decaled

"Fire Sold Sentai Go-onger" Go-on Red

"Kaizoken Sentai Gokaiger Big Figure Key Ring - All Red ~ vol.2"

Go Ky red

"Dinosaur Sentai Juuranger" Tyranno Ranger

"Samurai Sentai Shinkenger" Shinken Red

"Secret Sentai Go Ranger" Aka Ranger

"Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger" Hurricane Red

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