Sasuke played with a bonus before McDonald's "Happy set" than last time

In January of last year I bought a happy set at McDonald 's and got a bonus "Sasuke "Chakra Somersault""Has become a hot topic on a part of the net, but as a sequel from that," Naruto Fuji Spiral Marunaroncha "and" Sasuke Okyoshi Fire Roncha "can be a bonus for Happy set.

First of all, what is "Roncher" in the first place?Rocket launcherIt's similar to "launcher", but I bought a happy set at once to check its identity.

Details of Naruto and Sasuke are from the following.Happy set | McDonald's Japan

Arrived at McDonald's.

A poster of Happy set was decorated in the store.

I am near the entrance of the shopDonald McDonaldThe real thing is displayed on the image.

The expectation expands.

That 's why I took home a happy set for two minutes.

This is "Naruto mystery spiral round Roncher" and "Sasuke Okyoshi fire roncha".

The back side looks like this.

I took a bag. Precautions are written in various languages. Is it consideration unique to McDonald's deployed worldwide?

How to play is described.

First off from Naruto.

Looking from the front like this.

Left side.

right side.

Just behind. You can see the screw in the center.

It's like this from the top.

There is a McDonald 's mark at the bottom.

It is up.

I will play with Roncare at once.
YouTube - Naruto releases Mucke "Spiral Maru" Roncare! (Short distance version)

It is a place to worry about turning to the right for a while.
YouTube - Naruto releases Mucke "Spiral Maru" Roncare! (Long distance version)

"Spiral circle" turns for quite a long time, so I was a little surprised.
YouTube - Naruto 's spiral circle that continues turning unexpectedly Roncher

Next is Sasuke 's appearance.

head on.

right side.

Left side.

I still have screws on my back.

Looking from above it looks like this.

The bottom part. Other than color is similar to Naruto.

Looking up, I am concerned that the "filling" is sweet in some places. Particularly, it is regrettable that the heights of the left and right eyes are shifted.

It seems like it will not be visible for a while.

I tried Sasuke's "Ronca".
YouTube - Sasuke also launches the mystery "Fire Release" Roncher! (Short distance version)

Although it is not as good as Naruto, it is still right turning "fire break".
YouTube - Sasuke also launches the mystery "Fire Release" Roncher! (Long distance version)

I continue to turn around with a group.
YouTube - The mystery of Sasuke who keeps turning with Guruguru "Fire Release" Roncher

Actually firing Roncher, I jumped out rapidly and continued to turn around, so I was touching and fun than expected. It is a feeling that it seems to be quite enjoyable if you set your own rules, such as attaching records aiming at something or competing with parents and children. It may be made more important to the "play" part than the quality of modeling. Recently, people who have never played with these toys or can not enjoy it unexpectedly if you try it once.

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